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Full text of "Stout Alumni Newsletter, Spring 1958"

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March 1, 1958 


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* ""'" ' ' • ■miff!' 

The extensive building program on 
the campus of Stout State College is 
progressing well, reports Dr. Verne C. 
Fryklund, president. Additions to the 
recently- completed residence hall for 
women, a new student union, a second home 
management residence, and a multi-story 
shop building are either underway or well 
into the planning stage. 

Providing room and lounge facilities 
for an additional 192 girls, the dorm- 
itory wings will be ready for occupancy 
in September. Food service will be handled 
in expanded facilities of the present 
residence hall. Accomodations for 327 
coeds will then be available in Bertha 
Tainter Residence Hall. 

building is designed to be a 'student's 
home away from home, ' Thus, under campus 
supervision, will be provided excellent 
recreation facilities for students, a 
ballroom for large social events and 
similar accomodations. 

Expanded enrollment at the college has 
also necessitated a second home management 
residence, now in use under the super- 
vision of Miss Frieda Kube of the Stout 
faculty. Here coeds of the School of Home 
Ecomonics have sparkling new facilities in 
which coeds learn homemaking skills. This 
home management residence was created by 
remodeling, redecorating and refurnishing 
the former infirmary building. 

Construction of a new $525,000 student 
union will be begun this spring, with 
occupancy planned for September, 1959, 
Long-needed to replace the present 
cramped, outmoded student union, the new 

In addition to the aforementioned 
construction, a multi- story shop building 
is being planned. It will be located on 
the site of the former Dunn County 
Agricultural School. 


Dear Fellow Alumni; 

1958 Summer Session 

Your national office has been very 
busy during the past semester gathering 
alumni news for this newsletter. Your 
response to our mailings has been vary 
gratifying and as a result we are now 
able to present you with the most comp- 
rehensive list of news of former Stout 
students that has ever been compiled.. 
We sincerely hope that you enjoy reading 
about the campus, your former friends 
and classmates. We also hope that you 
will take this opportunity to renew many 
former friendships. While space did not 
permit listing complete addresses of 
each person, we in the national office 
will, upon request, provide you with any 
specific addresses that you may desire. 
Remember your national office is organized 
and maintained to serve you. 

Again, thank you for your cooper- 
ation and best wishes for a successful 


Bob Rudiger, Alumni Sec. 

- -Calendar of Events-™ 
Basketball Schedule 

Fab, 3 







March 1 

EauGlaire (there) 

Superior (Stout) 

Winona (there) 

Stevens Point (there) 

Platteville (there) 

LaGrosse (there) 

River Falls (Stout) 

Dinner Dance Bates 




:o k 

Tri Sig 

Phi Sig (IF S) 

D Z 

Ghi Lambda 



P A 



School Dates 




Winter Carnival 




Sadie Hawkins Weak 

March 13' 


Spring Play 

March 22 

Stunt night 


1 26 

Junior Prom 






End of School Year 

Registration for summer session will 
take place on Monday, June 23j classes will 
meat Tuesday, June 24. This six weeks 
session closes on Friday, August 1, A two 
weeks post session is scheduled from August 
4 to August 15, 

The Wisconsin State Board of Voc- 
ational and Adult Education Trade and 
Industrial Workshop, Institute X, will be 
held from June 16 through June 20. 

The School of Home Economics will 
offer 20 courses in the 1958 summer 
session. Offerings will include courses 
in the departments of Clothing and Textiles,, 
Food and Nutrition, Family Life, Related 
Art, and Home Economics Education. 

Of special interest is a new course oa 
the graduate level, Clothing Today's 
Family. School Food Service offered in 
the department of Food and Nutrition and 
Housing in the Related Art Departments 
should interest Stout graduates. Mrs. Alta 
Bethke will be on campus again to teach 
her very popular courses, Design and 
Construction of Slipcovers and Design 
and Construction of Lampshades and Draperies, 

Last year's summer session was es-- 
pecially pleasant because women students 
eould be housed in the new dormitory on 
the lake. Bertha Tainter Hall. This year 
the same arrangements will be possible, 
and two nmt wings to the dormitory. will be 
nearly completed. 

The School of Industrial Education 
will offer 27 technical courses. These 
are to include Tool and Diemaking, Drafting, 
Woodworking, Metalworking, Radio, and 
Electronics o Also listed in the entire 
summer session schedule of classes is a 
complete range of academic and professional 
subject So 

The Graduate Division offers a full 
program of courses in the academic, pro- 
fessional and technical fields,. This 
program is, planned to meet the needs of 
students desiring emphasis in supervisory, 
administrative, or technical areas. 

A summer session bulletin will be 
available April 1, for your copy s write to 
the following person: Director of Summer 
Session,, Stout State College, Menomonie, Wis. 

*News of the Glasses* 
1903 - Harvey G. McGomb retired in June, 1956 and lives in West LaFayette, Ind. 

1906 - Lewis F. Olson lives in Chippewa Falls, Wis.., Mrs, F. A. Potts, nee Edith R. Bemis, 

now resides in Waupaca , Wis... Sarah "Sadie" Slagg makes her home in Fort Atkin- 
son,' Wis... Dr. Allen D. Towne was graduated with the 2nd class of Stout and 
is still working at the age of 83 as a doctor of osteopathy in Corinth, Miss. 

1907 - Mrs, Robert Carr, nee. Elizabeth Pugh, resides in Monroe, La... Augusta John Lathrop 

lives in Jackson, Mich. 

1908 - Kittie L, Bishoff makes her home in. Ashland, Wis... Mrs. Elisabeth Perkins Caldwell 

resides in Burlington, Wis. . .Benjamin W, Spaulding lives in San Jose, Galif. 

1909 - Theodora Lydia Coffin lives in Santa Barbara, Calif .. .Mrs. Stephen Corthell, 

nee Lillian Royce, now resides in Denver, Col... Harlow G. Funsett makes Nobles- 
ville, Ind, his home ... George Gustav Price lives in Battle Creek, Mich. . .Lucile 
W. Reynolds resides in Madison, Wis... Clyde A. Bowmen, former dean of Stout, 
lives in Newport Beach, Galif ,. .Claude Nihart lives in Los Angeles, Calif, 

1910 - Mrs. Hester Wieman Becker makes her home in Winter Park, F .la. . .Louise Binzel lives 

in Milwaukee. „ .Stella lloleck Bruce resides in Marinette, Wis... Ella B, Bats lives 
in Evanston, 111... I. £. Davis lives in St. Louis, Mo. and received his M.D. at 
Minnesota in 1919... Mrs. Arthur Hartelt, nee Marie C. Minder, lives in Anaheim, 
Calif .. .Ernest E.. Heuser is in Great Falls, Mont. , .Martin Hilgendorf lives in 
Stevens Point, Wis... Mrs, Ray S. Hulce of Whitewater, Wis. is the former henna 
Grace Baker.., E. J. Huntemer is an architect in Grand Island, Neb. and received 
his M.A. in architecture from the University of Neb. in 1939... Mrs. Ernest W. 
Kchlsaat (Marjorie L. Bullard) lives in St. Paul, Minn. . .Tulsa, Ok la. is the home 
of Mrs. S. P. McBirney, nee Nettie Williams. . .Mrs . Myrtle Billings McDonald lives 
ill Pasadena, Calif. , . Mrs, Joseph O'Connor, nee Josephine Schuler, resides in 
Chicago, „ .Mrs. Helen Potter Ross makes her home in Aitkin, Minn... Ada Smith Vogel 
lives in Elroy, Wis... Henry J. Sehaefer resides In Houghton, Mich. 

1911 - Mrs. Charles C. Bishop, nee June Hinckley, lives in Los Angeles, Calif... Mrs. 

Sheldon Blair, the former Gladys Barclay, makes her home in Minneapolis, Minn. . , 
O.P. Brown lives in Junction City, Kan, and received his B.S. in Industrial 
Education from the U. of Wisconsin in 1923,.. Mrs. Alfred Carthus, who resides 
in Theinsville, . Wis, is the former Jennie A. Kaestner. . .Erminie G. Casey lives 
in Wilmot, Wis .. .Russell Glurde is retired and makes his home in Trafalgar, Ind... 
Mrs. Paul Collins resides in Douglas, Ariz... Mrs. Ada Weidenfeller Deneen lives 
in Sliullsburg, Wis.,.Ina Gerritt makes her home in Fullerton, Calif .. .Another 
Galif ornian is Ada Morgan Himrod, who lives in Los Angeles. . .Mrs. Emily Kerrnan 
Johnson resides in Two Harbor's, Minn... Mrs. Milton J. Knob lock, nee Verna E. Gillen, 
lives in Racine, Wis ...Mrs, Harry 1. Langworthy, the "ormer Nellie McGown, makes 
her home in Baker, Ore... Marion 0. Myers lives in Green Bay and has attended 
summer school sessions at Golumbia University in New York and the University of 
Wis. . .Milwaukee- is the home of Lillian L. Otto, who received her degree from the 
U. of Wis.., Mrs. Harold Robilliard of Fairbault, Minn, is the former Grace Doney. . . 
Mrs. George W. Peoples, nee Florence A. Amundsen, lives in Detroit Lakes, Minn,, 
where her husband is probate and juvenile judge for Becker County, . .Mrs. Grenville 
A. Porter makes her home in Waco, Texas. She is the former Mable M. Johnson... 
Mrs. Mildred Blake Poundstone lives in Mellen, Wis... Mrs. James Staberg of 
St. Paul, Minn, is the former Stella M. Strane. . .George W. Stewart lives in Santa 
Monica, Galif .. .Tampa, the home of Mrs. Nina Latta Strong. . .Mrs. Lewis 
Torrent, nee Edna Kiester, resides in Muskegon, Mich. 

1912 - Vernon A. Gooper is publisher of a timber industry magazine at Duluth, Minn. . .Mrs 

ada Lightbourn Mueller teaches home economics at Utley High School in Flint, Mich, Her 
sister, Alice Lightbourn Lee, who graduated from Stout in 1913, passed away in 
1950... Karl H, Patrick is now a retired .graphic arts instructor and was on the 
'ilnneapolis Bocrd of Education for 30 years. Oscar F, Raab retired in June of 1950 

1112 after ta.xbing ir. the ife;arl;. Hew Jeasay sabs-sis. .. , Ana Oeri:ae Andar san.- is 

Sort- clothing instructor at the vocational School ir. Milwaukee. . .Clyde L. Aaarnravhic 

■ is retired in Cincinnati;, Ohio. . .Mrs . haitaa L, Acaoyd, nee Harrel Faarkiir. lives 
in Memphis, Tenn. . .Mrs, Fiances Collin? Daly makes her home in Grand Fork:;. H. D.., 
A. Le'Roy Fratt resides in Sioux City la... -Mrs. haebel hkEidomney Guiiieksor lives 

. in West Salem, Wis. . .Mrs. Edwarc. J. Eagarcy of Maritov?oc, Wis. is the fcrraev 
Gladys Anderson. . .Minneapolis, Minn, is the hose of Mrs. Herts Klossner Eedaen. . . 
Mrs. Louis H. Hein, the former Ethel deLang, Haas in Glencoe, 111. , , Millard L. 
Mathews nukes his home in Burlington, Wis-.H-has. h. A, McEschari- lives in Eaa 
Claire. She 1b the former Anna. McCntcheon. , .Lanrarae E. McEnroe liver; in Eden, Eds. 

■ Anna M- Meier resides in Cciorado Springe-, Cola ,, .Ana Mueller recek/ed Ear degree 
from Colorado college in 1927 aacl nou live? in Flint, MbcE. . .Los Angelas, Calif, 
is the hose or J. A. HeiaO;;, . .Mrs . Saamaer E. Faaaamm . ;aaa akhoi vse. vacs .-.:.. 
Colfa::, Wash... Mrs. Fred s. Eogers is aba former r---.':el 

■■- -. i - 

of Columbus, Wis. is the former Ruth E. Hail,,. CD. Scdsrstrom makes his home 
in Stillwater, Okie. , . Richard J. Woods lives in Livingston, Mont... Mia.- ray;: 
P. Wright of Mamaroneck, KEY. is the former Eioranae L. Walraftb. 

1913 - Mrs. Wiiiard T. Arndt lives in, Jar-esvila- Wis- - .Mrs. .John Arnetln, nea Beatrice. 

Faffney, lives in Negaunee, Mich. . .Henrietta Eoishcrn Barton of Easmornas.. la. 

Calir* Siia received her EMm lixozd homaiord Cm-lese and ka.a IkA. ircm a-- n^;.^.'; 

College, Columbia University in Hew .York. ., Ton. C, Davit; lives in Negauiaaa. Hiah 

Mrs. Henry F. Duckart, nea B-eulah Searls, makes her home in Wisconsin rapid;.' . , , , 
Mrs. Vernon Eddy or Lcu;y.v. a.a, l-hn.h. :E tie Jhna...r ■.■j^aia K.Me Hopi:...,-...- . , .Ed:. .a- .hat" 
English livea in Portage, Wis.. . M. Edith Fuller resides in Madison, So. I 1 .. .Mara. 
Ilerley Goodwin, Idee Edich Gorton, lives in 13et.rr.ra, Each. . Ekaliyuocd, via. is 
the home of Mrs. ..Gladys Knight Hale... Mrs- V.h E. kali, >.. of Hantsvilie, din, 
... is the former Vera Howard. - ..Mr a. Helen hovel! ravin:; in. home In Eaairio 
Grove, Calif ... -Herbert Jenney cf Detroit, Mich received his E-S. from; Wayne 
University in Detroit and retired in June, 135a.,. .Mrs. Carl F.. Johnson, nee Mae 
■ Sanborn, lives in Cannon Fulls, Minn-., ,!tv '.'::.■:'■ a a a: 'h. J,rv::v cf CimE.mi: tl, Chio 
is the former Marguerite English. . .HEr a, I. X. Eaataah., are Elisahmtu Hy :•.:-.: a, lines 
in Baraboo, Wis- . -Minneapolis, Minn, is the heme of Ernest E. Larson « .. .Ethel 
C. Lease resides in Marsha lltorvr, la... Mrs. Evaghs Eh Mahan cf La fhaanga, 111. 
is the former Glenn Carroll. . -Mrs. Ona Eardacker McEatt makes 'her '::orr:-r an 
Clintonville, Wis. , .Richard vh , Mnrenus is an architect in Atlanta, G&- . .Mrs. 
Oscar W. Olsen, the former Helen Hughes, makes car hone in LaMesa. Calif.,.. 
Earl F; Quigley resides in Little hock, Ark... Frank G. hiess lives in Detroit:, Mich. 
.-Mrs. Francis W. Sawyer, nee Harriet Seari, lives in Wan or..?., Minrm.-Mrs, Mailiam 
Sebald of Manawa, Wis. is the former Rehla Floyd. .. .Davenport, la. is EH a home of 
Mrs. Winifred Mailer Sen- m . . Mh: s . Sylvra dichar-k-on Shir as makes her home ir. 
Whitehall, Wi:-.-.Mra. John Short, line formsr ■•'.■:., hnarin, ramh-as aa. Masai a. a ■"•'-.:, his, 
..Mrs. A. II. Smith lives in Heron Lake, Minn-,, Mrs. ^oraham Solomon cf Forth 
Hollywood, Calif- Is the former Pearl Eann. . . CM. ..ream Mont is the noma of Has. 

; Andrew Solely, the former Eararano drichsoa L, A. OaoilEerg .■.eceivad nis E.E.5. 

from Hurqaettn University in. ih27 and lines In Eva divers. Wis. , .Harry -E. h'ayior 
lives ir. Lafajette, Ina : . hhaawatos ;., his. is. c:-.e ■.■.an oa Mrs. h.E, dakahaal-h 
the former Josepaiue Davis. . ..Mrs, n. E. v-M-E;nrn, \>.ea Helen Crooner, rosacea in 
Augusta, Wis. . H^ontog emery, AM;., is the home of Harold L- VJeatherb/'. . .Mrs.. . Ctto 
Ziebn;: of Hew Londoai, Wis. is the foraier Jessie ;E.evm, : . 

1914 - Mrs. Sarah M. Bloemem, ana hah h. -I ..:.-...• .. .h vm. h km a..:,.hr:n. 

A. Cm'ip^.on as tne Assiot..s.n: dapar-cntenneiii- or m.aoi;; ru ^.ae Eos x^igaj.aa: ar..y' 
School District, Los Aageles, -'halif . . . Josephrne Eady hh/es in hams, lima".... 
Fred A. Flanders lives in Berkely, Cal.-.Roy Gangvisch is residing in Estroit, 

Mich... Mrs. W. J. Graff is living in Eennimora, his Cieora Eelbing is non 

residing in Glenwood, Minn. .. . Earn Esrioiet Eian ha-'aa ,_..,. .\i.a... ; , M:.a :■ .. . .hadney 
Knott is in Eaa Olana; has... Mas. Orraa; ""■ . Iavv.ll, nae Vac. a : .rk, ia 
living in Madison Wis... Mas. EEiilan Edge ley Earelt, :.'..;. fanaar Eessie L. China 
is now -living in Oak Park, 111.,., Mrs. Ja:r.e» W, Hainan is leSidiug in IE.naaaaaoiis. - . 

1914 William Do liver Mayo lives in Des Moines, la... Mrs. G.S. Mdndoe, nee Marguerite 
Cont Weise, lives in Rhine lander, Wis... Arthur R. Mitchell lives in Beaver Dam, Wis... 

Merritt C. Sloniker lives in Santa Barbara, Gal... Arnold Souba resides in Graceville, 
Minn... Mrs. Leslie G. Steward, the former Ruth M. Turk, lives in Park Ridge, 111... 
Mrs. Sarle J. Stoneman, nee Jessie Friday resides in Platteville, Wis... Mrs, 
Burke E. Thompson, Nee Oliva Booren, lives in Minneapolis, Minn... Mrs. James B. 
Wilson lives in St. Croix Falls, Wis... John B. High is Assistant Superintendent 
of Buildings and Grounds in Ann Arbor, Mich. Public Schools. He and his wife 
will celebrate their Golden Anniversary in 1958 and have 14 grandchildren, John 
reports that he is still lively at 74... Mrs, Margaret Gallacher Roane is a free 
lance interior decorator in Newtown, Conn, and has a- son and a daughter. 

1915 -- Mrs. R, J. Ahlstrom, nee Gladys Louise Dick, resides in Amity, Ore.. .Mr, and Mrs. 

Paul Bailey are living in Menomonie, Wis. Mrs. Bailey is the former Ruth Ghickering. 
...Marion Hannah Bassford now lives in St. Paul, ML nn. . .Wilfrid Bowdler resides 
in Elyria, Ohio... Mrs. H. B. Garadine, the former Alma Millar, is a housemother 
at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Col. ..Mrs, H. W. Gonover, nee Bessie Neil,' 
lives in Mason City, Iowa. . .Georgia Grary resides in Santa Ana, Calif... Mrs. 
Robert J. Cunningham lives in Janesvile, Wis... Mrs. Meda Fischer, nee Meda R. 
Batty, lives in Rockford, Iowa... Mrs. A. G. Frautschy, the former Bertha May 
Jeffery, lives in Monroe, Wis... Mrs. Walter Friend, nee Isobel Groendycke, resides 
in Lynwood, Gal... The former Mabel Kelson, Mrs. Myron P. Godfrey lives in Waupaca, 
Wis... Mrs. Leona Gordon lives in Los Angeles, Gal...Hassel M, Halverson lives 
in Grand Forks, No. Dak... Mrs. John P. Karpen, nes Agnes Heinen, resides in Hastings, 
Minn,.. Mrs. Frank Kerekes is the former Jessie McGorkindale and lives in Houghton, 
Mich. ..Mrs. Fred L. Kohli, nee Ellen Brainard, lives in Monroe, Wis... Mrs. Alfred 
Lange, the former Ruth Wedge lives in Walla Walla, Wash, „ .Thomas G. Lloyd- Jones 
lives in Modesto, Gal.. .Mrs, E. G. MacDonald, the former Bessie Sands, lives 
in Sheboygan, Wis... Mrs. Grace Marti, nee Grace Soderiind lives in Lake Benton, • 
Minn... Mrs. William A. Smiley, nee Anne McGulloch lives in Chicago, 111... 
Lawrence G. Picha lives in Kenyon, Minn... Mrs. Wm, I, Rigg, the former Myra E. 
Jones resides in Kauto, Ind... Helen M. Robb lives in Winona, Minn. . .Robert G. 
Schreck, the former Martha Treaona, lives in East Towas, Mich... Mrs. Herbert R. 
Shimeal, nee Marian S. Unger resides in Goodland, Kan... Mrs. I rata Rice Stoll lives 
in Madison, Wis... Mrs. Margaret Teele lives in Red Wing, Minn. ., Rob er,t M. Thompson 
resides in Clearwater, Fla...Mrs. H. E. Turneaure, the former Ethel L. Breakey, 
lives in Port Angeles, Wash... Otto K. Wohlers lives in Rock Rapids, la... Nan 
Workman lives in DePere, Wis... Marion C. Young lives in Neenah, Wi s ,„. Gerhard 
Skogsmark lives in Kasson, Minn...H. A. Tieman makes his home in Englewood, Ohio, 

1916 Mrs. George Metcalf, nee Doris Amerpohl, lives in Janasville, Wis. . .Mrs. Idella 
Pratt, nee Idella Sundquist, lives in Parker, Col. . .Mrs. H. Richard Sachs, nee 
Sara Goldberg, is residing in Chicago, 111... John L. Savage is living in Great 
Falls, Mont... Henry A. Schott is living in Glendora, Gal... Mrs. Z. S. Sprague, 
nee Zoe Shafer, lives in Lakeland Fla. . .Herbert A. Steinke lives in Albany, N.Y. ,. 
Mrs. William D. Cochran, nee Gladys Stropel, lives in Iron Mountain Mich, . .Wilfred 
Bowdler makes his home in Elyria, Ohio... Dr. Verne G. Fryklund, President of Stout 
State College, observed his 10th anniversary as president in 1956... Mrs. Harry E. 
Bradley, nee Beatrice Bruce, is a homemaker in Wauwatosa and has two married sons 
and four granddaughters. . .Mrs. Oyanita Geffert Ellinger lives in Milwaukee, Wis... 
II. Stanley Appleton and his wife the former Elsie Middleton have retired and 

are residing in Miami Beach, Fla... Mrs. Harry Bradl&y s nee Beatrice Bruce, lives 
in Wauwatosa, Wis... Arthur W. Buss is at the Waller High School in Chicago, 111... 
Harry L. Crockett lives in Phoenix* Ariz... Mrs. Cora Daskam, nee Cora. Babcock, 
lives in Tacoma, Wash... Mrs. Emma Franklin, the former Emma Webster lives in Lopez, 
Wash. . .Reuben Goodman lives in Seattle, Wash... Mrs. Harold- Griffith, the former 
Evelyn Koch lives in Menasha, Wis.., Mrs. Fred Guenther, nee Floret Zuehlke, lives 
in Menasha, Wis. . .Thomas Hippaka, professor at Iowa State, lives In Ames, la..., 
Mrs. Charlotte Joyce, nee Charlotte Graner, resides in Tioga s N. D.,.Mrs. T. Z„ 
Krumm, nee Eva Olson, lives in Minneapolis, Minn...Llora B. MaGee resides in 
Kirksville, Mo... James B. McNary has retired from teaching and has been working 
as a maintenance engineer in Pasadena, Calif.. 


1917 - Florence Swenson is now living in Minneapolis, Minn. , .Hazel Bauter resides in 

Oshkosh, Wis... Mr, and Mrs. R. W. Benjamin are living in Nowata. Okla,..Mrs. 
Benjamin is the former Mary M« Moore . . , Ruth A. Gass lives in Westville, Ind. . . 
Virginia Culver, nee Virginia 'Rogers,, now resides in St, Joseph Mo... Mrs. 
Florence Genett is a dietitian at the Fort Atkinson Memorial Hospitals Fort 
Atkinson 3 Wis,,. Mrs, E. S, Enxigsord, the former Winifred Strauh, resides in Iron 
Mountain, Mich, ..A. J. Langsr is associated with the funeral ■ director profession 
in Marinette, Wis.., Mrs. Bavid L. MeMurrin, nee Hattie Arp, resides in DeLand, 
Fla.,. James B. McNary lives -.m Pasadena, Gal. ..Mrs, Elsie Priddy resides in 
Huntington Park, Gal... Mrs. Dorothy Rankin, the fonaer Dorothy Bemis lives in 
Iowa City, la... Mrs. Margaret J. Roadstrom, nee Margaret Raekard, lives in 
Tulsa., Gkla..,Lou H. Robinson lives in Wichita., Kaa, ** Robert B. Shumway 'lives in 
Rockford, I11...C. 2?. Wagner resides in Two Harbors,, Minn. . .Director of Household 
at Glen Lake Sanatorium, Oak Terrace, Minnesota is Lyl Maruska Barak... Mrs. 
Buelah Monk Josephson lives in Menomonie,.,,!. M, Mulliea is engineering instructor 
in the Detroit Public Schools.., 

1918 - Mrs, Helen Deckert Barnett Lives in Bubuque, la,,. Br, I. E. Binning resides in 

Fond du Lac, Wis, , .Burnett Fogelberg, D.B„S, is a dentist in Minneapolis, Minn... 
Claire E. Haight lives in 'Milwaukee, Wi s .... George Janke lives in Mitchell, S.D. 
...Mrs. Forrest H, Jones, nee Isabella H. Perriar, lives in Virginia, Minn... Mrs. 
Jay W. Lorena, the former hois Bate, resides in Mason City, Iowa .. .Margaret 
Vertmicha Pirsch lives in Kenosha, Wis,. .Mrs. Ethel M, Rishworth, the former 
Ethel M. Brisbone lives in Arcadia., Gal. , . .Mrs, Margaret L. Schneider, the former 
Margaret L. Howe lives in Arcadia. Gal.,. Sail .4. Sneen is residing in Menomonie, Wis 
...Roger E, Trafford is a Jr. E.S. principal in Madison, Wis.. Mrs. Bert Waterman 
(Eleanor Double) now lives in Baioit, Wis.,, 

1919 - Grace M. Augustine lives in Ames, la.,. Leo E. Biddick lives in St, Louis, Mo... 

Mrs. Bruce Brown, the former Antoinette Turner resides in New Orleans, La... 
The former Shirley H, Engle, Mrs. Shirley E. Greamba, . now is living in Tujunga, 
Cal...Mrs. B. L, Johnson, nee Elizabeth Ann Schulse, is residing in Bozeman, Mont. 
...Henrietta Johnson lives in Jamestown, New York,, .Mrs, Ilona Kindschi, nee 
Elona Dugdale, resides in Plafcteville, Wis,,, A, Irwin Leishman lives in Elmhurst, 
111... John S. May lives in Jacksonville, 111. ., Claire, E. Miller resides in 
Negaunee, Mich, . . 

1920 - Mrs. Guy Anderson, the former Ruth Hammer, is now living In Galesvile, Wis... 

Nels L. Lager resides in San Diego, Gal, , .Howard- P. Goard- lives in Miles City, 
Mont.. Mrs. George E, McGoxvan (Virginia Seeman) lives in Iron Mountain, Mich.. 

1921 - Lawrence F. Ashley is the Assistant Superintendent of Schools in Yonkers, H.Y. . . 

Clare Heuser is with the Pulaski Hospital, Pulaski, Va...J. Kevin Johnson now 
lives in Joliet, 111,,, Ronald Keeler is residing in Superior, Wis. . .Katheryn Bele 
Niles is now living in Chicago , I i 1, . .Mrs, Clarence A. Proffit, the former Marion 
E. Evert, lives in Pewaukee, Wis,., Mrs, Joseph L, Rogers, nee Myrtle Krohn, lives 
in Los Animas, Col... Sister M, Joaina Roth, F.S-P.A. Is at the St. Rose Convent, 
LaCrosse, Wis,,. A. C. Prabst is the Director of Vocational and Adult education 
at Fort Atkinson, and has been there for 26 years, 

1922 - Edna Aschenbrener lives in Chicago, 111,,. Mrs. Joseph Bella, nee Edna Reffke, 

lives In Cos Cob, Conn... Mr, and Mrs. Dan Elide live In Tucson, Ariz. Mrs. Blide is 
the former Helen M, Sheehan, , Floyd Keith teaches sheet metals and is head of the 
metals department at Stout „.,E.. II. McGuilough is Vocational Department Head at 
Denly High School, He and his wife, Julia Melby McGullouh'v live in Detroit, Mich.., 
J. E. Ray is professor of Industrial Education at Stout,, and lives in Menomonie. 
His wife is the former Virginia Burdick. . .Mrs. Julius H,. Block, nae Celia Renneke, 
lives in LeSueur, Minn * . . Jean Bonder lives in Appleton, la., .Rev. Raymond H. 
Browe resides in Prairie Farm, Wis... Mrs, Thomas J. Gochcane lives in Morgantown, 
W. Va.., Wallace E, Grothaus resides in Wausau, Wis ,. .Clarence A. Guderian lives 
in Medford, Ore, -. .Mrs Everett Harness, nee Imogene Hart, lives in Heenah, Wis.,, 

makes her home in Manoanntn,. Wis,, .. .Lawrence W„. Etrakel is living in Philadelphia,, 
Pa^.K, Ma Laitala is living is. Eaneoek P Mien. Mrs Laitaia is the former Pearl 
Linda II s a 1929 grad. . .Mrfc, Herbert J. Lewis,, nee Mildred .Mary Campbell, lives in 
BougiaSj Aria,, -John M. .Melary lives in GLacdaie, Gal. . .Mildred Mi Rock has 
retired from teaching and is livi:ag in LaCrosse-, Wis. 

1923 John Dragsath lives in Portsmouth. Va... George E, GuaoLher teaches woodworking 
Gont in the Wausau Junior High Schools ., .Alfred Johnson isGoordinator of Miscellaneous 

Trades at Harding high School in St, Paul., Minn.,, J, E, Joyce lives in Menoraonie. . . 
Luella M. Kramer is teacher and 'head of the Home Economies Department at Roosevelt 
High School- in Minneapolis , » .Dr. G. H. Buckley lives and practices medicine in 
Menoraond e> :. ., Ghalf.ant H. Hersehel resides in Michigan Center, Mi'ch...E, A. Gessert 
is now residing' in Janesville. Wis... Mrs. Michael Gorman a the former Santina Gadema 
lives in Starabaugh, MLeh, „ .Vernon Porter Grant makes his home in BiMnelauder, Wis.. 
George A. Kavanaugh resides in GhisLolm s Minn. „ .Laella M. Kramer is living in 
Minneapolis, Minn. . .Mrs Ingwaid. Kvitrud, nee Erna J. Bertrams ^ lives in 
Miiineapolis* .Clarence H. Larson is residing in M , deasport 3 Pa. , . . Emmet; t M, Mc Shane 
is living in Waikegan. 111... Mrs. F. K. Mehlhaff,, the former Lillian Gardes, 
is residing in Eureka, 8. D... Edwin G. Moe lives in Lansing, Mich.. .Mrs. Arvid 
Swan son j nee Ruth Kellar 3 lives in Menoraonie,, Wis... Mr. and Mrs. R„ W. Vesper- 
man reside in Eau Glaira., Wis... Mrs. Vesperraan was formerly Marguerite M. Mowers. 

1924 - Mrs.. Irene J, Betts s nee Irene Beardsiey^ lives in Milwaukee. Wis... Doris Claire 

Boss is in Beirut, Lebanon. . .Mrs . Lawrence Biume^ the former Edna Degner, is in 
Heenahj, Wis. . .Eldon M. Cady Lives in Pittsburgh.; Pa, ., .Adolpb A. Dragset resides 
in Hamilton., Ohio... Mrs, Alba Gil lis., nee Lulu Garner,, is living in Los Angeles, 
Gal, ..E. L. Hansen is soaking his home in Springfield., Mass , „ .Walter Hansen also 
lives in Springfield. Mass* . .Rose G. Humphrey resides in New Richmond, Wis.,. 
Mrs. Beulah Burkina n s nee Beulah Bi dwell., is living in Green. Bay, Wis... Mrs. 
George A. Burge s the former Geneva Kiney. lives in Portland, Ore... Mrs. Herbert 
M. Lang 3 nee Ann O'GConnor. resides in Clarkfielck Minn. , .Philip Maeraks is ranking 
his home in Delano, Gal*. .Mrs. .Dorothy Milkier., aee Lee M, McCarthy,, lives in 
Manitowoc, Wis... Edward J. Moe is residing in Toledo. Ohio.,.L. H. Hichoias is 
living in Silver Bay. Minx*. .. .Mrs. L. G. Popo,, the former Marie Sehink.. livMs in 
Green Bay, Wis... Otto W, Qulstorff lives in Los Angeles, G«i...John L, Lee 
is residing in Seattle.. Wash. , .Fella. 0, Schmidt resides in Madison. Wis.. Mas 
F. A. Winter is now living in Omaha,, » ., »0ia M;e is eorraaerciai taacher in Leuby 
High School in Detroit and lives in Highland Parlu Mich. . ..Harvard G. Smith teaches 
printing, directs production printing;, and is adviser for the yearbook at Mary D 
Bradford High School in Kenosha., Wis. Mrs, Sxaith, thy former Harriet Froelich is 
a part time teacher. The Smiths have two grandchild;; en. 

1925 Lloyd Benson and his wife 3 the former Doris Footed live in Madison, Wis... Elmer 
R. Bohnert resides in Juneau, Wis. ..Harry A. Baraham is living in Plint ? Mich... 
Anna Brack is making her home in Menomoiria., Wis.. .Mrs. Benjamin F. Carson,, nee 

Belpha M. Hanson, lives in Fairfax, Minn .William J. Dunlop . lives in Spokane;, 

Wash. . .Bernard Graber is making his home in Mineral Point, Wis... Ernest H. Hints 
is with the Auto Mechanics Institute at Hot Springs. Ark. . .Ether Adams Martaiock 
lives in Kenosha,, Wis... Mrs. Harold A. McGlyman. nee Gheridah Krause, makes her 
home in Wisconsin Dells. Wis. . .Minneapolis ., Minn, is the home of James McEae. 
His wife is the former Joanne Eagan. . .Florence O'Leary is with the Mason City 
High School in la. ..Mr. and Mrs. Harold Patterson make their home in Kansas City., 
Kansas, She is the former Ruth Grundgriper, , .Burton CL Smith lives in LaCrosse s 
Wis. . .Milwaukee is the home of Lyie Thompson, . .Arthur H. Hhl and his wife, the 
former Margaret Hammer, live in Madison,, Wis..dMrs. A. W. Weilstein. nee Hope V. 
Lathrop reside in Genasco., 111. . .Margaret L, Masses is food supervisor of a large 
cafeteria for the public at The Gollonnade Company in Detroit... J. A. Eanum teaches 
Industrial Arts and vocational carpentry at the Independent School District #27 and 
in June ", completed his 39th year of teaching in Austin Minnesota. 


Dr William Rasche is Director of .the School of Vocational and Adult Education 
in Milwaukee, Wis, 

Marvin L. Anderson lives in Madison, Wis.,, Mrs. Russell G. Babcock, nee Dorothy, 
Bright, makes her home in Delavan, Wis .. .Wendell Bennetts resides in loraabawk. 
Wis... Edwin Albert Carlson lives in Madison, and received his degree in engineering 
from the University of Wis... Mrs. J. J. Carver of Flint, Mich, is the former 
Dorothy M. Hellberg. . .Clarence W. Dahlin resides in Rocky River, Ohio. „ .Ernest 
I Eliason lives in Merrill, Wis... Mrs. Kenneth P. Goodrich of Milwaukee is the 
former Helene Goodrich. . .Irving Hosking makes his home in Flour town 9 Pa* , .Herman 
Hunter lives in Trempealeau, Wis. , .Gertrude H, Keep makes her home in Fort Wayne, 
Ind,., Tulsa, Okla. is the home of Roy V. Lulow...G> Fred Major has a retail 
faed and machinery business in LaFarge, Wis... .Mrs. Louis V. Rewkirk of Chicago 
is the former A. Lucile Hansen. . .Manvell A. Olson teaches at Roosevelt High 
in Atlanta, Ga. and lives in Ghamb lee. . .Milwaukee is the home of Lauren P, 
Sprague. . .Frank J. Steekel lives' in Stevens Point, Wis... Mrs. Kenneth Webe.r s 
nee Irene Sorley, lives in Lancaster, Wis. . .Albert Hanzel lives in St. Paul»Minn... 
Dorothy Howard is foods and nutrition instructor at Cleveland Junior High School 
in St. Paul, Minn, . .Gilbert land Esther Swenby Schoenoff are living in Blue Island, 
111. Their son, John, is now enrolled at Stout. 

Mrs. Amos Elliott, the former Stella Kerbaugh 3 lives in Yuba, Wis... Mavis Galloway 
makes her home in Libertyville, 111. . .William. H. Hamilton resides in Elkhart,, Ind... 
Mrs. William B. Jones, nee Ruth Chase, makes her home at Two Rivers, Wis... 'Elva 
M. Kleist lives at White Plains, N.Y...Mrs» Chester G. Mclntyre, nee Rose 11a 
Anderson, resides in Wheeler* Wis... Edwin D. Meyer lives at Corvallis, Ore...,. 
Walter Moeller resides at Biwabik, Minn. . .South St. Paul is the home of Adolph 
J. Roiseland. , .Mrs. Samuel J. Shafer of Waukesha., Wis is the former Lucile 
H. Ghristoph. . .George W. Schefelker lives in Stoughton, Wis... Claire R. Xown.send 
lives in Atlanta, Ga.. .Madison is the home of Carl H. Waller. 

Mrs. John I. Garner (Anne Forck) is a housewife at Gassville, Wis... Ira G. Madden 
is general shop instructor at the Grary Elementary School in Detroit. Mrs. 
Madden (Emma Nagowitz) is doing substitute teaching at Goldberg Trade. Their 
son Charles is a graduate dentist from the University of Michigan. He completed 
his army training in July and has set up practice in Kalamazoo. Their daughter 
is a junior at Colby High School... C R. Towns end is principal of Smith-Hughes 
Vocational School in Atlanta, Ga. . .Arthur S. Gaylor is living in Dayton s Ohio,.. 
George G. Decker, Division of Higher Education, U S OE, is living in Arlington, Va. 
. .Bulielma Fisher Is at the V. A. Hospital in Dawson Springs, Ky...F. R. Van Allen 
is a school printer at Logansport, Ind... George H. Richards lives in Loud Seville, 
Ky... Henry J. Fisher is living in Jefferson, Wis... Joseph G. Indihar is a resident 
of Duluth, Minn. . .Matthew Jack lives in Macomb, 111... Mrs. Fred Kanenberg, nee 
Vera Hunziker, lives in Schofield, Wis...L. E. Kumerow is a resident of Jaiiesvilla, 
Wis... Mrs, Clifford A. McClyman, the former Alma Mat. Ganz, is living in Wisconsin 
Dells, Wis .. .Richard. 0. Radke is a resident of Galesburg, 111... Gladys I. P-enn 
is living in Bakersfield, Gal. . .William Segerstrom resides in "River Falls „ Wis... 
Mrs. Otto T. Steffensen, nee Beatrice Carlson, lives in Kenosha, Wis. *» Vance 
J. Tatge lives in Milwaukee, Wis. 

Dan II. Chamber lin is living in St. Cloud, Minn. . .Arthur P. Cummings is now living 
in Cincinnati, Ohio... Harry A. Fringer lives in Yardvile, N. J... Ion G. Haake 
resides in Oskaloosa, Iowa... Mrs. Lucille Jahnke lives in Seattle, Wash... Mrs. 
Sidney Rachel, the former Emma D. Sogge, is living in Wauwatosa, Wis... Mrs. W. 
R. Morton, nee Ruby C. Anderson, lives in Detroit, Mich... Lynn Ogden is a resident 
cf Augusta, Ga...Mrs. R. A, Raymond, the former Clara Schoenoff, lives in Hollywood , 
Fla., ..Mrs, Frederick Rowe, the former Ruby Ekman, lives in Elyria, Ohio... Fred 
Short is with the Norris Foundation in Mukwonago, Wis... Ruby L. Starr lives in 
Dayton, Ohio.,., Mrs. Warren M, Tupper, nee Elizabeth L. Jenkins, lives in Fond du 
Lac, Wis... May G. Turner is making her home in Hyattsville, Md. . .Marian G. White 
lives in West Allis, Wis..„Dr„ Kenyon S. Fletcher is assistant manager for the 


». C Hea 

Cont o 

in toe Fo 

Co. ohere 

a ■[ A A <, -;- r . .;.- 

Walter H, 

in 3)etroi 

1930 - 

Tame s g , 

living in 

West A. B 


lives in 

in La. Sail 

teaches p 



rringara bcowartz; 


] a nning 
s, the 

c .tor taa Grean Giant 
~.y have three daughte 
hospital in Fond du lac.,,, 
it at Tapper! Junior High School 

-oii, Wi ;; . , „ Mr . and Mrs. Ekaer R. Borchardt are 

:a Bails Bur dick is making her home in Fresno,. Cal. 

lies Lake. Wis .,. .Arthur L. Golburn lives in 

; is living in Ely s Minn, , .August M, Hslgersoaj, Sr„ 

Irs, Raymond .Jungek.. nee Haaalie G. Flaget, lives 

.in is living in Jackson., Mich, . .Mario McCullough 

:hoof in Detroit, He is also associated with a 

He reports that they build charts that make 
Bowman look pretty simple. „ .Mrs. Louise Whita- 
Ga... Frank L. Nova scone is residing in 

Detroit,, Mich. . .Philip W. Olson is 
making his home in Tampa s Fla. , «A1 Poel linger is at the Naenah High School in 
L. Ro swell lives in Washington. D. C.Mr. and Mrs Jay M. 
aig in MclCeesportj Pa ...Mrs Priest is the former Winifred Cooper., 
Edward E. Richards is living in Milwaukee, Wis.-.G. Harold Silvius is Head of 
the Industrial Arts program at Wayne University in Detroit, Mich, Mrs. Silvius is 


ating in a 

those he used to make for C, A 
hurst Nee ley is living in Fairburn 
Wichita, Kan... Die V. Oiesen now livss 

Neenah 3 Wis . „ 
Priest are 

Wilbert A. S 

the former Josephine Edinge; 

Theodore We lander resides in Bagley 3 Minn. . .Mrs, Roy 0, 

prise lives in Wisconsin Rapids, Wi 

the former Lois 

Y,... Roman Broxa lives in Louisville. 

Ina Bunker is living in Geeanside,, L.I., N 

Ky...,Mrs. Ana McKinnon Garter lives- in Menomonie. . .¥. C. 

in the Detroit Public Schools. . .Paul Marschner is arts and crafts instructor in 

the Cincinnati. Ohio Public Schools. , .Ole V, 01s sen teaches general shop in the 

Detroit Public Schools. One son has completed his second year at the University 

of Chicago., and another son is on the Public Relations staff with General Motors. 

Myrtle Bay teaches clothing in the Milwaukee 

of the Industrial Arts Department at Southeai 

is Director of Vocational and Adult Education at Wisconsin Rapids, 

Hanson teaches drafting 

schools, . .Ralph Schaude is head 
rt High School in Wichita, Kan,.,. 

W . A .. Sp ri 


and 1 
for I: 1 



®fcroit s Mich, . .Evelyn Glass is Dunn County Treasurer 
aother, ., Thomas Jtangck teaches shop and math at 
illis^ Wis... John A, Poellinger is a contractor 
c;s.. Bis has a daughter who is two years old and 
. 'kick is actinia; director of Vocational Education 

id rive s :m 


Pa 1 . . „ Henry 

1932 - Alfred 0. Baker la wonfeuo 
He has two daughters in so 
ing at the Unite. r si iy of y 
ationai and Adult Fdueaiii 
lunchroom rsianagor at Wash! 
Enli teaches carpentry^ 
School of Vocational ax: 

the Rhine lander Union High School 

ksacaLas W' 

son who is a ssnio? 
is Director of the 

in Chemical Engineer 
School of Voc- 

.Margaret Wahi Dehlinger is 

sagfc. Bcc.o-.'i and lives in Minneapolis. . . Olav R. 
cabinet making., and driver education at the Rhineiandar 
. Adult Educatioa. . ,S. J. Kaiser is Recreation and 

Personnel Training Supervisor for tha International Nickel Company, Inc . s Hunt- 
ington. W. Va . o . » Essssa Hansen L&e lives in Minneapolis and has two sons at the 
U. of Minn. . .William J. Mieheais is Head of Industrial Education at the U, of 
Minn in Minneapolis.., Mrs. Elisabeth Gurran Stein is a housewife in Oak Park., 
Mich where her husband has his own insurance business, . .Mrs. Arthur Anger, nee 
Alva Adas is residing in Wauwatosa s Wis,..Froda Anderson lives in Mineapolis , , , 
Albert 0. Andarson is living in Sturtevantj, Wis.., Mrs. Morrison Gould,, tha former 
Geraldine Anderson,, is making her home in Ma di son. . . Mrs, J. P. Plenke, nee 
Myrtle Anderson linos in Madison. . , Van. S. Aslmiun is at the Ashland high school. 

1932 Conrad Bechtold resides in Scion, Ohio, , „Melvein LeRoy Betterley is at the State 
Gout. University of Iowa,. Iota City, Ic-wa . . .George Biwer lives in' Sfaasau, Wis.,, 

■' John E, Brandvold lives in F>rrmir:.gtoa 5 Minn, ., .Service G, Bricker is at the Voc- 
ational School 'in West Allis, Wis. . .Norman Brooks lives in Greenviie, Pa,.,Meivin 

.11, Brye'is with the Board of Education in Peoria, 111. . .Edmund A, Byerly is 
with, the Sr. High School in Wast Allis 5 Wis, , .Eremeldo Cairelli lives in Wake- 
. '■ ...field', Mich. . .Frank A. Gassel lives in Menomonie, Wis... Col. Jefferson R, Cronk 
is making his home ' in El Paso, Texas, . . Steve A. Guengros resides in Fullerton, 
,. Gal... Mrs. Arthur Stein, nee Elizabeth Gurran lives in Oak Park, Mich, . .Bennie 

■ ,0. Damberg is at the Airaur Hill Trade School in Saginaw, Mich... Roy Bamberg lives Galasburg, ill.,. Robert F. Davis resides in Hibbing, Minn. . .Fred H. Doecs living in Ferndale, Mich. . .Donald Ellis resides in Houlton, Maine. . .Edwin 
A. Eluke makes his home in Hibbing, Minn, . .Bryue Fletcher lives in Junction City, 
Ilansas . . .Mrs, J, M. Thomson, the former Nora Flom, lives in Brownsdaie, Minn,,, 
Mrs. Thomas H. Greeley, the former Gail M. Galloway, lives in Chicago ,, .Armiri 
Gerhardt is at the Neenah High School, Neenah, Wis . . . Irma, E, Gilbertson lives 
in Black River Falls, Wis. . .Albert Goodrich lives in Waukesha, Wis. . .Maxwell 
Gundluch is living in Madison, Wis.,, Robert L. Gunn is now a t Wis. State College 
in Eau Claire, Wis... Leon 0. Haase resides in Wausau, Wis . , .Maynard F, Hack 
lives in Madison, So, Dak. . .Daniel W. Green is residing in Vicksburg, Miss. . ,Ei"vin 
0. Eageness is at the Breathitt County High School, Jackson, Ky,,,Mrs. Charles 
Rowe, the former Mildred Haggard lives in Rhine lander. Wis... Ester E. liaise 
lives in Brillion, Wis... Earl C. Halverson is a resident of St. Paul... Roman M. - 
Eammes is living in Bettendorf, la.., Mrs. J. C. Lee, the former Emma H, Hansen 
lives in Minneapolis .. .Marguetta Flea ly. lives in appleton, Wis. , .Orville' F. Heft 
resides in Detroit, Mich. . .Mrs . Ed. Schlumpf, nee Doris J, Henry, lives in Durand, 
Wis... George C. Herrmeyar resides in Menomonie, Wis... Louise Hobart makes her home 
in Detroit, Mich. . .Wesley Hoger is a resident of Phoenix, Ariz... Joe F, Horkey 
lives in Minneapolis .. .Harold Hyer resides in Grosse Point, Mich. . .Another Mich, 
resident is Alfred Ida who lives in Grand Rapids ., .Henry Kangas resides in Hibbing. 
..Mrs. D, J. Collins, r>ee Gertrude Kellman is making her home in Dekalb, 111,,, 
Rudy F. Koge is living in Minneapolis, . .Marian Kraker lives in Indianapolis, Ind. . , 
Anthony Kukar resides in Knoxsville, Tenn. . .Chester Larson lives in Fewaukee, 
Wis... Floyd Larson lives in Cleveland, Ohio. . .Gerald R. Larson resides in LaGrosse, 
Wis... Price E. Larson is with the Whitier 'School #33 in Indianapolis, Ind... 
Wilber Lee is residing in Williamsville, M, Y. ..Laurie Lehto is with the Public 
Schools in Ashen vi lie, N. C...Mrs. Milton Larson, nee Lorraine Litchf iled, 
lives in Eau Claire, Wi s . . . Jenni e Longar also is a resident of Eau Claire... 
George W. Ludvigson resides in Wilmington, Del...Arvid F. Lundeen is living 
in Alliance. Ohio .. .Maurice C. McCann is with the Washington Jr. H, S. in Racine, 
Wis... James McDonough is at the McKinley H, S. in Honolulu, Hawaii ., .Harold 
Matson lives in Moorhead, Minn. . .Chester W. Mau is at the Washington School In 
Cedar R:.tpids, Iowa... Mrs. John Oakey, nee Lucile L. Miler, is at the No. Dak. 
State College in Fargo, Eo . Dak. . .Marshall Millar resides in Detroit, Mich... 
. Robert Mulholland is with the Kanawha Co. in Charleston, W. Va... William Murray 

.lives in Mi. lwaukee. . . Clarysse Ness is with the College of Argiculture in Fargo, 
Ho. Dak. . .Joseph A. Neudecker is at the Hopkins Sr. H, S, in Hopkins, Minn... 
Lewis G. Palmer lives in Minneapolis, Minn. .' Kenneth E. Patterson resides in 

, Tampa, Fla... .Keith Penn is with the Federal Civil Defense in Battle Greek, Mich. . . 
Edwin J. Reinel lives in Council Bluffs, Is... Carl Roll lives in Dearborn, Mich... 
Glure.nee H. Rossow is with the West Allis Vocational School in West Allis, Wis.., 

John E. Rude, lives in Lemoore, Gal... Mrs. Fioi~en.ce McNally, nee Florence Ryan, 
Lives in Hibbing, Minn. . .Ester Scheele lives in Pewaukee, Wis... Mrs. Frances R, 
Scoville is a resident of Grand Rapids, Mich.., Mrs. August Klimek, nee Margaret 
S. Senty, is making her home in Independence, Wis,.. John D. Slaybaugh lives in 
Corpus Christi, Texas .. .Everett Smith lives in Baton Rough, La... Joseph J. 
Spitzmigel is a resident of St, Paul, Minn. . .Otto T. Steffenson resides In 
Kenosha, Wis... Harry J. Stegman lives in Maywood, 111,,. Elmer Stindt lives in 
Highland Park, Mich. .. Sophia Sterling is making her home in Oshkosh. , »A. W, 
Torresani resides in Fountain City, Tenn. . .Mary Van i^ynde is living in Knoxville; 
Mrs. Agnes Peterso:i, nee Agnes M. Venberg lives in Sveleth, Minn, ., Sister M. 


1932 Hendrina Venner Is .at the St, Rosa Convent in LaCrosse, Wis,.,Mrs, Guengros,, tin 
Cont, former Florence G. Varbrisk 5 lives in Fullertoa, Gal... Mrs, E, K. Miiler 3 nee 
Valeria Voep, is with tha Vocational School in Two Pavers, Wis ...Mrs. Arthur 
Dehlinger lives in Minneapolis;, Mian, . .Walter L. Wasmwth lives in Bayfiald, Wis. 
Clarence Wausr is at the Junior High School in Sioux City, Iowa.. .Mrs. G. 
Blageoff is Che former Ifeisenbargar and is living its Kenosha., ..Mrs, Eldria 
Walshj nee Eldrid Wilee., resides ia BSs'v Richmond,, Wis. . .Biibart 0. wyatt Uvea 
in Sunnyside, Wash.., Ha' ey J, Young is a resident of Parkersburg 5 W, Va . . , 
Mrs, Mabel Zimmerman is living on fainter lake, Colfax, Wis... Hay P, Zi«Enenaan 

is living in Green Bay 


1933 Mrs. John Bierman (Paulane Bonseho) lives in Osceola, Wis,.. Carl fiernatsky is 

chairman of the finance e ©rami;: tea for the Iowa State Board ©£ Regents and lives 
in Des Moines, . .Reuben J, Schafar livas in Minneapolis. . .33?|way F. Bariebris with 
the Educational Affairs Department, Public Halations Staff, Ford Motor Company. 
He livas in Ypsilanti 3 Mich., , .George E„ Gnenthar lives ia Wansau, Wis,,.G. E. 
Lockwood resides in Oklahoma City : Okla,,,Mrs, Alyee faaak (A lye a Donovan) teaches 
clothing at Stout ,. .Walter J, Aune is .it the Tyssa Jr» High School in Knonville, 
T e nn...0tto Paul Baker lives in Waukeg.m, 111... Mrs. Wiiliass Banter, ne« Evelyn 
Hunt, resides in Minneapolis; Minn, , .Oswald Berg lives in Whitehall, ills,., James 
Blekkenk is with the Ghipp^ya vail;? Vocational School. . .Lloyd Bobn lives in 
Galesburg, 111.., Harold K, Brandt i;> at the Mew Mexico Sformal LL in Las Vagas, 
N. Max... Mrs. Frederick Braun,, eke former Virginia Tradeweli, lives in Antigo, 
Wis ,. .Chester R. Brown is a resident of Albuquerque, M. Max. . .Heraaa Bisros is 
Head of the Industrial Arts Department at the Malvern Jr. H, S. in Malvern, 
N.Y. ..Mrs,. C. K. Carroll, the former Velum Cutwnusen resides ia Chippewy Fails, Wis. 
..Raymond Cherry lives in Loskport. 111.., Henry Clark is making his home in 
Kenosha, Wis. ..John L. Coleman ia living in International Falls, Man, . ,Fabsr 
E. Dopp is residing ia Los Angeles, Cal..„Mrs, William Boyle, nee Jean 1, Moe, 
lives in Bruce, Wi s . . „ Lewi s F. Erehul is a resident of Aurora, Minn,,. Jane Foeiler 
lives in Green Bay, Wis,., Mr;;, a. G. Garvey, the former June Loekhart, is making 
her home in Burlington, Wis.,. Mrs. Martin Golden nee Anna Westman, lives in 
Green Bay, Wis . . .Kermit Hihn livas in Appleton, Wis. . .Charles Harmond is 
making Murdoch, Minn, his home,. , -John P. Harmon lives in Elmwocs, Wis... Harry 
Heideman is living in Chippewa Falls, Wis,.. Esther Hendrickson is at the Cudahy 
Vocational School, Cudahy, Sis,,. Roy E. Howard lives in Duluth, Minn. , .Henry 
Fisher is living in St. Faul r , Minn, , .Margaret J. Humphreys lives in Waukesha, Wis. 
Mrs. Maurice Hunt, nee Minnie Chronquist, resides in Abbotsford, Wis... The former 
Mary Dodson, Mrs. E. B. Isakson resides in Milwaukee, Wis... Jamas Xvgrson livas 
in Walker Park, Ga... Robert A,, Jakoubek makes his home in St Louis. .. Robert P. 
Jensen is with the California State Polytechnic College in San Luis Ofoespo, Cal... 
Arvid N. Jonnson makes his home in Lincoln, Neb. . .Gerhard F. Johnson lives in 
Royal Oak, Mich... Glean L, Johnson is at the West Band Vocational School in 
West Bend, Wis. . .Mrs. Walter Kings aes Charlotte Meiialb s lives ia Taylor, Wis,.. 
Melvin E. Knott lives in Foliar Bay» Mich. . .Clair® William Inutson is at the 
Pulaski Senior High Ssheol ia Milwaukee., Wis... Mrs. Charles Koepp, nee M. Marian 
Eaymon 8 resides in Marin@fct© 3 Iris. „, John A. Kubiak is in Madison,, Wis. . .Jamas 
Landis lives in St. Faulo ., »lfc@„ 41 via Lang, nee Emma Ie«by 9 lives in Mesiasha, Wis.. 
Edna M. Langseth lives ia HoIiis£ss 9 Gal... Mrs. Harold Larson,, ®&@ Catharine 
Ebmer, resides in St. fa t@r 9 .Mian. . „ Louis J. Larson lives ia Clarion^ la... 
Mrs. Louis L@hnherr s sue© Afisla B;2aas & is making Juda s Wis her home, . .Edward E. 
Libowski resides ia OsMtos?s s ¥is». .Glenn E. Lockwood lives in Oklahoma City, 
Okla...Mrs. A. H. Lund,, see Belinda Hendrickson lives in Green Bay, Wis.., Alice 
Lynum is a resident ©f Baltesre 9 H.Y. ..Anne MeCune lives ia Minneapolis,,. 
Helen Mathias is with the East Sigh School is Madison,, Wis. , .Blanche Maarkell 
lives in Spring Valley., Wis.,,, Mario MeGui lough lives In Betroit . . , Ray Eclaughton 
is making Eau Galls,, Wis. Ma laoae. . .larl J o Millar resides in Sdsonda 9 Wash... 
Mrs. Marion Morgan, aes Marian W,mkmt s lives ia Masdhvvee,, Wis. , .Clifford Nauta 
is a resident of Waukagan 9 lll„..l©y lordiay is making Eoeaaster, Mian, his home.,. 
Mrs. Leonard Oassj nes Suth u&BSsmn resides ia Silver Springs^ Md, . , Miles Olson 
lives in Isle, Minn. . .Sthel Adnata livas in Kasson s Mian, .. .Mrs. Olive pfeiffer, 



Gent „ 

■ in S 




11 vi 


'i? ■»-.«;-:? 


ie living in Crystal Falls, Mich. . .Anthony Prabst lives 
Jrs. Ray 3Prochnow 9 see Dorothy Ausiaan, lives in M&nomonle . „ 
is Iiosa® in Seattle, Wis... Alice Rear don lives in Merrali,, 
8 residing in Waiswatosa 3 Wis,.. John G. Roith liv»s in 
a Holla is a resident of Duluth, Minn. . .Ailarcl Rowe is 
is.... august Sehioaapf resides in Milwaukee. . .William Schubert 
sirs. Arthur Schwartz, nee Lorraine Stainbring, lives in 
mar E. Siro is at the Chico Stat© Collega, Chico s Cal... 

J.* at the St. Rose Convent in LaGrosse, Wis... Sister 
bs-,,sha 3 Wis. , .Edward Skull lives in Dunbar, W, Va» . .Oren 
3 Gitj s Kan. » .Frederick Swagsr resides in Hazleton, Pa.. 
a Wausau, Wis.., Harold W» Tleta lives in Mineapolis, Minn.., 
ia 1©. Dak. Agriculture Collage, Fargo , No. Dak. . .John 
, Goasu . .Mrs. Dorothy Waters is with the School of Home 

"- 7 --' ? '--ba 8 WiaEipegj Canada. . .Mrs. Edwin Wenzei, nee 



Mi'aa. . oLyls Wiaes lives in Paxaona,, Cal. . .Spencer 

s home in 



OX i 


B<an J- r_ .:*■■" 

ia Si'w-; ?„. 

ia Ifer^iiF 
XBi Slot. ;■: 
Bougies I 

F. Haff'":! 
Hoffid son s 
Eassoa,, k 
Joan L. "[-. 
la BasgittK 
wits?, fclis 
SiLnn. , ,>fe 

A. J&iisi&h 

Dorothy J 
Col, .,Mrt 

Henry Six 

igilOCiry i 

Annette . 
Onskhy, S 
Middle tits; 

:-,sJoiBE£icai leave 
^a requirements for 

roEi Esss 

StateCollega to permit completion 
rate at the U. of Kansas.,, 
; v6hi lives in Fuller ton,, Cal. . .Mildred Nickel Sager makes 
i/i@. . .Mrs„ Marie Kahl Flint lives in Mshomonie. . -Walter 
;riK2rf,s,l arts at Technical High School in Springfield., Mass.., 
•miB&ltmg at Fordson High School in Bearborn s Mich. . .His son 
,y.ral Motors institute in August in Mechanical Engineering... 
ter ©f th@ School of Vocational and Adult Education in Beavei 
L-ri at thm Manitowoc Vocational School in Manitowoc, Wis,.. Mrs. 
1 Jcssaseifip lives ia Barllagt©n 9 Wis. . .William Barter lives 
.SfS. terald Bassler, nee Jean E. Good, lives in Betroit, .. 

ia M@w- Gastl©, 


id... Ray Berger is making Ms 
■v. lissr liims is Wa«sa«i g Wis» <> «Ruth Boss-alaian lives ia 
■■ Eorisrlcay lives ia Birssingliaisa, Mela. . .Edward Brimer lives 
.Lfer^eli Go !r«?(8 stakes Oklahoma City Okia. his home. . .Marie 

'■Sroasa f@iat 3 Miela. . .Floyd. L. Burgess is living in Detroit... 
■■-■.<! t:s, Lmwwss.s 111.. .Mrs. S. W. Carlson,, nee Helen Owen, lives 
;■.•;■£., c„s3„ IriiSE't Carlson is with the Midwest Press ana Supply Go. 

:iai; u „ „J@as farsfcall Chapman lives ia Eau Clair©,, Wis... Mrs. 
,-,s is-asar ILosigne© Affiidoa lives ia Manlius 3 M.Y. . ,Ma© Collins 

;i8.».lfaa ©avis lives ia Lake Crystals Minn.. „ .Mar lin 

.- :..iij,u;iseo s - Cal. „ .feall Ferdon resides ia Inkster, Mien. . .Londus A. 

;;hs Beisifc Vocational Sehoolg Baloit, Wis... Glad Balske is 

3...Joba J. Goldgruber is a resident of Madison. . .Glarenct 
] bis hem® ia fuafelo 9 Cole... Mrs.- Syolf Hansen, the. formsr Ruth 

ia Ksdisoa. . .La¥ersta M. HaRsen is living in Battle Greek s Mich... 
i.ia tiosse of Cfeazcles II. Harmon ... Henry Harmon lives in Juneau, Wis.. 


Ms lioxaa ia Mlwaukee, Wis...LeRoy W. Hosteller lives 

iacrreiace Hoyt is a resident of Wausau, Wis... Wayne P. Hughes is 

. Safety Council in Cliicago. . .Joseph G. Indihar lives in Duluth, 
Jaadosons, nee Marion Rfciel, lives in Cumberland, Wi s . . . Horman 

ii MaKisapolis. . .Frank B. Jex*son is a resident of Superior, Wis... 

liras in Baa Claire. . .James Johnston is making his home in Pueblo, 

JoMston (francis Rousch) lives in Webster, Wis. . .Atlanta, Ga> 

ass laioble, . .Mrs. A. Kraft, n<a© Evelyn Hensel, lives in Portage... 

tit tine lade-pendent School District #35, Buhl, Minn. . .John G. 
Waufcssha Sr. H. S. in Waukasha s Wis... Mrs. Karry Lenning 9 nee 
liv-ss ia Toronto, So. Dak... Gladys Lynura lives in BelLnore, N.Y.. 

ves ia Wabsno 9 Wis... Ova Ifedsea is a resident of Menoxnoaie, Wis... 

- i./>. living ia lorthhasqston, Mass... John Media is residing in 

in viisMna is at the laapp 

ving in Mt. Clemens, Mich.. 

xaeaci©' is laalsiag ha 

Fr. H. S« in Inapp, Wis..,, Ray 
.Julias !'„ Helson is a resident, of 
am© in Tucson, Aria. . .Harvey Nourse is 


living in C larks fie Ids Mi nn. , .Mable Ottesou 1,8 with the Eau Claire Vocational 
School in Eau Claire, Wis... Mrs.. Douglas Paisley, Wee Li la Stonardt, lives in 
Mindoro, Wis. . , Roderick Puree 11 is living in Wortbington, Ohio. . .Harold Rasmus sen 
lives in Des Moines, Iowa. ..Mrs. Otto Rieth, nee Margaret Kline, is residing in 
Eaukauna, Wis... Anne B. Roach is with the Wisconsin Rapids Vocational School 
in Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., .Harold Sack is in Mackinac Island, Mich. . .John J. 
Schaffner lives in Trempealeau., Wis... Arthur G. Seheftner is a resident of Mil- 
waukee, wis ...Mrs. Eugene Schmidt, nee Martha Bubeek, is residing in Madison... 
Katherine Schultz is living in LaCrosse, Wis... Mrs. Adolph Schwartz, the former 
June Trastch, lives in Maui towoe, . .Arthur Id. Schwartz is living in Fredricksburg, Va. 
„. ..George Shepherd is residing in. Milwaukee, Wis... Boston Sherwood is a resident 
of Cumber lands, Mich... Mr. and Mrs Forrest D,/Sissal are living in Davenport, la.. 
Mrs. Sissel is the former Leona Herman. . . Sister Mary Hicoline Martin is living in 
Milwaukee, ' -Wis... John E» Skull is residing in Charleston, W. Va...S. Russell 
Blade is living in Wausau, Wis., *,.. Earl. Smith is in San Francisco, Cal...Mrs. James 
Solberg, ■■v'i## ;,i ^i^fffil^'': ; aaf?- itvS&^h Meno,' Wis. . .Borden St eaves is living in West 
Haven, "conn. .David E, Stori is a resident of Richland Center, Wis... Mrs. Meal 
Strong, nee Gladys Ingalls^ is residing in Clietek, Wis...Arvid Thompson is making 
his home in Williams Bay 3 Wis*. .Mrs. Jamas Veldhouse, the former Charlotte, 
McCarty is living in Corwith, Iowa... Maude Vest lives in Austin, Minn... John 
Weimer lives in Detroit, Mich. . .Owe! Wells lives in Crystal Falls, Mich... Ed 
Wenzei lives in Gloouet, Minn... Mrs. Laures. White, nee Evelyn A des is living 
in Wonowoc, Wis... Donald Byrnes is at the General Motors Institute of Technology in 
Fl nfc, Mich. . .Herbert Woinosky lives in Madison, Wis,. .Merlin Wolske lives in 
Chippewa, Wis... Harold Zastrow is a resident of Minneapolis, Minn... 

F. L, Gurran lives in Detroit. Mich. . .Lee D. Laughlin resides in Charleston, W.Va.. 
Stuart A. Anderson is associate professor in the departmexit of education at 
the University of Chicago. He was head of the HHSSGO Technical Assistance Mission 
in the. Phi llippines ;from August 1956 to August, .1.957, His son Dave is a sophmore 
in engineering at the. University of Illinois and his daughter Judy teaches 
second, grade at Littleton., Gol. . .Frederick L. Curran is teaching bench metal 
shop at MeKenzie High School in Detroit, Mich. „ .L» W, Erpenbacb lives in Claredon 
Hills, ill.' and is Regional Training Officer for the 'Ok S. Post Office Department.. 
George C Jackson is supervisor of Industrial Arts for the. West Allis Board of 
Education, and lives in West Allis, . .Elizabeth Chrlstopherson Taylor received her 
M.S. this summer axid teaches in Onalaska High School, She lives at Galesville, Wis. 
..Dick Klatt is teaching General Metals and Welding at Stout. 

Lily G. Amundson is now retired and lives in Horthfield, Mirm. . .Lawrence Braaten 
lives in Arlington, Va».»LeRey Gharlick teaches in the Dearborn Public Schools, and 
lives in that city with his wife, the former Elaine Thomas. . .Richard C. Dixon 
teaches printing and lives in Mont Clemens, Mich.. His wife is the former Olive 
P. Hy Hand. . .Oscar and Lenore Gronseth live in Jacksonville, 111., where Oscar 
is supervising therapist in the Activity Therapies Division of the Jacksonville 
State Hospital. Leonore is supervisor of the school cafeteria program for school 
district #117 at Jacksonville*.. Paul B. Hansen is instructor of architectural 
drawing and techniques of blueprint reading for Carpenter and Gabinet -making 
apprentices at the Milwaukee Vocational and Adult school., Mrs. Hansen is the 
former Marguerite Hankwitz, . . ..Mary Finey iverson lives in Wauwatosa with her 
husband, who is academic supervisor at. West Allis Vocational School, and her 
three children. She teaches clothing 6 hours a week at the Wauwatosa Adult School 
. . .John Jarvis is Dean of the Division of Industrial Education at Stout and lives 
in Menomonie. . .Marie Hanson Olsett lives in Racine, Wis. and has one daughter. 
She is building service director at St. Luke's Hospital, where she does purchasing, 
decorating, personnel work, and housekeeping. She also has evening adult 
classes at the Racine Vocational School. . .William Patlow is head of the printing 
department of the Milwaukee Vocational and Adult Schools, and lives xn Milwaukee... 
Mrs. Evelyn Suomi is head of the H me Economies Department at New London, Wis. 
She has a son who is at Ripon College this year, Ray Kranzusch is instructor of 
safety and driver education and general shop at Stout.,. J. D. Lonnholm is an 
Industrial Education supervisor in Cumberland. Md. Edwin W. Siefert teaches 


mechanical and machine drafting at Stout. . .Grant Vermes resides in Fort Valley, Ga. 

193/ Mrs. Eugenia B. Clark makes her home in Cheney, Wash. . .Clarence J. Beauchamp is 
Senior Instructor at Chrysler Institute of Engineering in Highland Park, Mich, 
where he organizes teaching material and provides draftsmen for engineering 
departments of the Chrysler Corporation. His wife is the former Lois Styer and 
she is active in community activities. They have three children in junior and 
senior high school and live in Berkley, Mich.., Dora M. Griffin lives in Woodville, 
Wis and retired in 1952. Her sone Wayne is in the travel business at Arlington 
Heights, 111. . .John W. Rancher is chief production engineer for the .athews 
Conveyer Company. He has a daughter 4 years old and lives in Ellwood City, Pa... 
Dwight D. Chinnock is an education professor at Stout. 

1938 Roger H. Carrington is Director of vocational education at River Rough High 
School' in Michigan. He fras'J:i*& ; 1SwfrM;^^ that school. He 
was past Lt. Governor of Kiwanis, Ninth District. ., Stan L. Fox is plant engineer 

on the administration staff at Josten Manufacturing Company where they do scholastic 
jewelry and stationery. Stan lives in Owatonna 3 Minn. .with his wife, the former 
Ruth Good... Mrs. R. P. Hennessey (harriet Schnitger) is a housewife in Ganesville, 
Fla...Mrs. Dorothy Erickson Johnson lives and teaches in Baldwin High School, Wis... 
Arthur B. Mather is owner of a cabinet and fixture work company in Sheboygan, Wis.. 
Harry B. Olstad is head of the industrial arts department of Manitowoc Public 
Schools, and teaches at Lincoln High School. The Glstads have two children who 
are in grade school. . .Harold Paulson is printing instructor at the West Allis 
School of Vocational and Adult Education, and lives in Waukesha. , .Mrs. Clarence 
Soberg (Irene Christopherson) teaches food service at Chadsey High School in 
D e arborn, Mich where she lives... Edna M. Voight is home economics teacher in 
Marshfield, His... Mrs. Mary Francis Snively Lowell resides inWestbury, L.I,,N.Y. 

1939 Willis A. Rockwell lives in Riverside, Calif'* » •*$&?.$:« : Mae Westlund Tillman makes her 
home in Englewood, Col... Earl C. Beckman is sales engineer for Kennametal, Inc., of 
Latrobe, Pa. in their Minneapolis office. His son Richard is working on his 
masters at Stout... Mr. and Mrs. Wm.-Hv Campbell* nee Inez V. Olsen, live in Meno- 

. monie with their three children. She is' coordinator of the Menomonie Vocational 
School, and Bill is proprieter of Campbell' s Daylite Grocery Store. . .Charles A. 
Johnson is automotive Coordinator at the Madison Vocational and Adult School... 
Edna Allen McMillan teaches at Central High School in Flint, Mich. . .Wayne Pool 
is vice principal at Lee School in Milwaukee, He and Mrs. Pool (Thelraa Haaya) 
have a ten year old son, 

Igmar A. Barbo teaches blueprint reading, mechanical drawing, machine drawing, archi- 
tectural drawing, and adult woodworking at Ludington High School in Michigan. . 
He has a daughter and a son, and is cubmaster gf Pack 195... Clem Bogard is main- 
tenance supervisor and teaches auto 9hop at Alg^nfnin, 111. His wife is the former 
Bev Reese. They have two boys and two girls... Mrs. Carl E. Johnson, nee Eleanor 
Becker, is a housewife in Fairmont, Minn and has two boys and a girl... Mrs. 
Betty Quilling Lovance is foods instructor at the Racine Vocational and Adult 
School. . .Emil Skovbraten teaches woodwork and drawing to grades 9 and 11 in 
Independent School District #1, Owatonna, Minn, , .Frank Winchester lives in Madison, 
Wis... Darby E. Worman is sales manager for the Bridgeport Brass Company in Adrian, 
Mich. , .William Redgren is in the industrial arts department at Sidney, Mont. High 
School. His wife, the former Janet Johnson, is home demonstration agent in 
Richland County. . .Ray 1. Hollister lives in Rochester, Minn... Mrs, Eleanor Becker 
Johnson has moved to Winnebago, Minn. 

1941 Grant Bakken 1 s address is Route 2, Colfax, Wis. . .Phillip W. Ruehl teaches electri- 
city and electronics at Stout... Carl and Lillian Baxter Wischan live in Stratford, 
Conn. Israel Bensman is an instructor at Central High School in Sheboygan, Wis... 
Ralph and Jane Ecke Better ly live in Evanston, 111. with their two daughters. 
Ralph teaches mechanical and Industrial engineers and does research and consulting 
at Horthwestern University Technological Institute, where he has completed his 


■'. V. v v \ 

1941 fifth year. , , Clin tor: a, Koci te.ucl.eo iv t^t .rial ail.:; an the Junior high ScLjcl 
Cont in Whitefisb Day, Wis, His rife teaores kiadergartaa J. a Milwaukee, and they\ave 

two boys, , .Rosalie Of a tie is a teacfec at GXeawood Higf School in Minn...]?, FA "\ 
Scapple is woodworking instructor for School histrict #2, Klamath Union High N 
School. He has built a new home at KlamaLb Fails, Ore, and extends a welcome to 
all his old friends to pay hira a visit when they make a trip west.,, Mrs. Jeanne 
Swanson Swanger is a homemaker in Canton, Ohio, and has a seven year old son. She 
is also executive director of the Start County Dairy Council, and affiliated unit 
of the National Dairy Council, where she heaoh promotion and xuatritiou education 
programs. . .Ear ley F. Wehrweixi is director of standards ;md quality.- control for the 
Continental Machine Company in Shakopee, Minn. 

1942 - George J. BeRubeis teaches general metals at Anaheim Union High School in 2al. 

and Mrs. DeEubeis, nee Grace Springer, teaches home economics at Fallerton Union 
High School. .They 'live in Anelielm Cal, . .Charles S, Gardiner, Jr. is manager of 
the Diamond Hill Plywood Go,, Darlington S.G. His wife is the former Mary 
Ellen Bradley- . ,Mrs> Floy Whitmore Harlejf is research chemist for Abbott Labora- 
tories, M. Chicago j ill. She lives in Waukegan. , .William R, Mitchell teaches 
graphic arts at Gatalina high School and lives in luscon, Ariz, . .Eugene 1L Werelay 
teaches electrical, woodworking, drawing, and metal classes at Rutherford B.Eiyes 
School. He lives in West Allis and has two young sons. . .Russell H. White is 
secretary ef'Litho Productions, Inc., Madison, Wis, where he does estimating 
and invoicing of lithographic printing. Mrs. White is tht former Belva Jackson. 
Mr. and Mrs«. White have five children. Their oldest son attended- the Boy Scout 
National Jamboree at Valley Forge, Fa. last summer . . .Mr » and Mrs. Lloyd Why dot ski 
live in Menomonie ? where he is head of the graphic arts department of Stout, Mrs 
Whydotski is the former Myrtis L. Peterson. . .Mrs. Ellen Christison Goolsbe,' 
lives in Kaukauna, Wis. , .Russell A. Hays resides in Dixon, I11...A1 and Virginia 
Burkhardt Wutti have moved to Whitewater, Wis. Al is on the staff at the college. 

1943 - Frieda Kube teaches food prepartation at Stout and is housemother of the new Home 

Management House... Mr. James S. Baynes, nee Ellen Luchsinger, is living in Worthing- 
ton, Ind.,.Mrs» Annamae Young Ebert has her home in New Richmond, Wi s . . . Phi lip. 
Stoll teaches auto mechanics at Fond du Lac Vocational School. . .Mrs, Evelyn (Berg) 
Klug lives in Gedarberg, Wis.,. She teaches adult classes. . .Mr, and Mrs. Fred 
Quilling (Marjory Redman) live in Milwaukee . . .Bill Schlice teaches printing at 
the high school in Stevens Point, Wis... Jim Schultis is a veterinarian at B.eedsburg, 
Wis,.. Mr. and Mrs* William McFumna (Mary Do rick) live at Lemont, 111. Bill is 
with Argonne Laboratories. , .Donald Ingram teaches at Austin, Minn. . .Mary Govin 
Kirkly lives in Appleton, Wis.* -Bob Schlosser lives in Durand, Wis... Bill Yount is 
assistant superintendent in the Janesville, Wis. school system. . .Hona Landt Crist 
lives in Wisconsin Dells, 'Wis* . .Dorothy Chesky Scharf lives in Lake Geneva, Wis... 
Borgny (Bronken) Egge resides in Albert Lea, Minn, . .Esther (Evenson) Albright 
lives in Middleton, Wis. * ^Dorothy (Rotnem) Gilbertson lives in Elk Mound, Wis,., 
Mr. and Mrs* Howard Schewbke . (Phyllis Wagner) live in Madison. Howie is on the 
staff at the Ut of WIs.»*Fred Schwehr lives in Madison - also teaches at the U, . . 
Mrs. Bob Rudigar (Anna Li ska) lives in Menomonie. , .Leon Young teaches at Braham, 
Minn , . . Rowena (Hoppe) Tanner lives in Eau Claire, Wis... Dick Volp is conducting 
dealership training for General Motors throughout the U. S, . .Flossie (Lindon) 
Milbreth lives in River Falls, Wis. 

1945 - Mrs. Pat McKown Byingyon has moved to Monroe, Wis, . .Ear Ian Adams teaches industrial 
arts and coaches basketball at Merrill Senior High. Mrs, Adams is the former Joan 
Quilling. They have three children all in school and live in Merrill, Wis... 
Richard S. MeKinney is a technical instructor in the factory training school of the 
Martin Aircraft Company at Denver, Col. Mrs.. MeKinney is the former Marion Voight. 
..Mrs, Kathleen Went landt Paradise has one son and lives in Monte Vista, Col. 

•where she Is active in General Federation of Women s Clubs and League ofWomer 


Voters... Ray A. Peterson Is evening school principal at the Racine Vocational 
School... J. A. .Stead lives in Superior, Wis... .Dr. Lo/d W. VandeBerg is Associate 
Professor of Industrial Arts at Eastern Washington College of Education, Cheney, Wash 


uhih •- . >~. and Mrs, Ej.cioa G, Everett;.: live in WiJimur, Minn, wheie Mr* Everetts is director^ 
of the Vocational School. „ .Mrs. Eleanor Basse Johnson teaches home economics at '' 
Spooner High School and lives at Barron, Wis. . .Archie 0, Mush-l is department head 
• and teaches 7,8, and 9th grade woodworking at Steuben Junior High School in Mil- 
waukee. , .1., W. Mueller lives inDetroit, Mich,,. Rudy and Ardis Gyr Wegner live in 
Milwaukee. . .Mrs, Eva Rogers is a secretary at Stout , , , David P. Barnard is director 
of the Audio-Visual Education Department at Stoat, , .Mrs , Norbert B. Frits moved 
to '8 linger s Wis, , „ 

,947 =• Ruth Gilgenhaeh McGormlck lives in Have lock, H.G, . .Donald Brill teaches vocational 

cabinet making at Eau Claire School of Vocational and Adult Education. He has a son 
who was born on August 4, 1956. . .Clifford Burtness has a Buick-Pontiac dealership 
in. Export, Wis.,.B. A, Eughes is now a print shop teacher in Phoenix Union high 
School in Phoenix, Ariz., * . James J. Leigh is head of the printing department at 
the 'Ska* Qlodd. VoQutionai), $fah£xp% jin Min,nc;av'.iU«. ■ Jah> and, Mru* Leigh ar£? tlgg. pvrsjnts. 
of three sons. „ .Donald L. Lippold is Di "rector of Industrial and Adult Education 
of the Waterloo Public Schools,, Waterloo, Iowa. He was recently elected president 
of the Iowa Council of Local Administrators and is also serving at vice president 
of the lottfa Vocational Association. The Lippoids nave three children, , .Conr id 
Mayer is Director of - the Vocational School in Two 'Rivers, Wis.. Mrs. Mayer is the 
former Grace Nelson. , .John B. Morgan is an instructor of general shop at the Waupaca 
Sr. .High School, Waupaca, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. Morgan have four children. . .Alton 
P. Rigotti is now Superintendent of Schools for the Garfield Twp . Board of 'Education. 
Mr. and Mrs. 'Rigotti have three children and are residing in Engadine, Mich. He 
has been nominated for the "Who's Who in American. Education."' .. , Harvey Ristow is 
chairman of general shop and teacher of general shop and crafts at the Whittier 
onion High School District in Whittier, Gal... Hugh 0. Tyler is now department 
Lead. of vocational and technical subjects at the Stewart Indian School, in Stewart, 
Env.,.Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Watson are now living in Humboldt, la. Mrs. Watson is 
the former Phyllis J hnson, . , Giles PL Woolf is now a p ringing instructor at Menasha 
Vocational School in Menasha,, Wis... Mr. and Mrs. Wally Gave (Joyce Wildner) live 
in Milwaukee. * >Mrs. John Harmon, the former Ruth Aanes, lives in Auborndale, Mass.. 
dm. James Anderson is a resident of Phoenix, Aris,, , .William Andrews lives in St, 
"Paul.,. John E. Baird is living in Fresno, Gal, » .Maurice Christianson lives In Flint, 
Mich. ,, William P, 'Christiansen is a resident of Lansing, Mich. . .Dorothy Condry is 
residing in Chicago, 111, ». Mrs, Damps ey, nee Marioris Condry, lives in Lombard, 111, 
. .Mrs. Hittaaer, the former Margaret G, Cox, is living in Lakefield, Minn. . .George 
Be Ruheis lives in Anaheim, Gal... Mrs. Z. Piust, the former Mary Ann Dodge, lives 
in Phoenix, Ariz. „ .William Dresden lives in Eau Claire. . .Carlton Erickson is 
living in Detroit, Mich.. . .Mrs, Lee Bedsted, nee Beverly Fjelsted, lives in. Austin, 
Minn. .« Lionel Gardiner Is a resident of Aurora, I 11,,. Paul Gehrke is making his 
home in Eau Claire, Wis„.iMrs» I-I* F, McGorraiek, xiee Ruth Gilgenback, lives in 
Triangle, Va» * Jlermit- L. Haas is -living in Council Bluffs, la. . .Leonard Helgeson 
resides In Menomonie, Wis. *a-James\EelleLiiau is living in Mondovi, Wis.. h.Marlatte 
Holts lives in White Bear Lake, Minn,, » -.Br-» Paul Ingwoli is living in St. Gloud, 
Minn. . .John L» Jeffers lives In Superior,, Wis.*. Mrs.. Malberg, nee Ila Jerde, is a 
resident, of Gtanbeplaiui, 'WI&**;. -Mi's* Eddie Ross., nee Ruth Klinner lives in Eau 
Claire, Wis* .,,-* Lois Klusmeyuyr iyj living in Oshkosh,, . .Charles P* Knopps lives in 
Milwaukee.,. Wisoa.»Mrs4 John Elnisen^. Helen Kranausch, lives in Salem, Ore. , » Ray 
Kransusch Is a resident of "Hayward, Gal... Mrs., Bletrick, nee Boulak McDowell, 
is living in Gassville, Wis*. , ..Mrsy Lowell Tuft, the foremen Eida McKenzie lives 
in Huntley., Minn* .« Robert Ej Martin lives in tpsiLanti,, Michi . .Arthur E. Medtlle 
lives in Menomonie,. Wis, „ hDenald J. Menning Is residing in Cedar Rapids, la... 
Raymond Mial liyes in EairLawn,, *L J» * * : Eugeina Clyde; Miller is at the, U* of Minn 
Exp 5ia„, in CroOkstdn, Mlnil. » .Milton Miller is living in 'Grand Rapid's, Mich... 
Ronald G. Mittlestadt is making his home in Boyeeville, Wis... Kilmer More lives in 
Sun land, Gal. , .Richard Stephen McKiney is a resident of Denver, Col.., Mrs. Jensen, 
nee Grace L. Nelson,, lives in .Guyohogo Falls, Ohio. . , Patricia A. 0' Conner is 
Living in Minneapolis. . .Louis is a resident of Red Wing, Minn, . .Yvonne D, 
Olson lives in. Eau Claire, Wis... Mrs, Wagner, nee Catherine Pauly lives in Mil- 
waukee. , .James Payne is living in Ursana, 111,., Mrs. Kilmer Moe, nee' Margorie Powers 


Cont . 

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iiag 1b Ifetsrts^aig, ' Wisi * aSasali K, .feiggs llinss. in Royal 
o|/sehMa is a 'ir®sifeat;#f SMjgeiKp, Falls a HiSo . iMrs<, 
5 is' Ifesk©sitAa s Si§» » <, ol©bart 'Saadia 

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d;.e B&b&®£<&v s lives in' 
.8 a srasidaat of !lu££tea 9 Inc 
liaiag ia Uast. Allis s 
;rt Soli-© Is a r© si cleat 
tag a lia'as ia Barabooj Wis., 
jiu™,, ' !1o M<a3s» « .Mrs „ Don 
if liSB»(S o o , Ms b » Hay Doaae s 
;Ig® Ha Wefeesr lives in. 
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-©feats ia 6hi©ag©j . Itii ■'■"Sfefe;B.^i*-6@lettia feve.oae' son. . .'Lawrence 
itselor asal Bpassiag MiM&g®^' sfj^ljiaf '■;§■>' B» -Ses©©! ©f Mines and 
asisaa®! £a aa Asslstaift^^tfffiiillS^f^-tiaiBisg _£fr£»r© ^teachers of 
.tisaa is sMafsl wsrMif^aa^lal^^ (Soilage., 

, ...a/ala* Eo QhSi Tcujas 1 ■* ' ^V>a ji ia^a d^HJ,ag feeat- transfer 
.itg Es.fiafiS't' S^#am^'-£#*&e'^i|^^|sfii..f!i®'\^te^i^aa's0ns''.lis"v$ three 
d .Oo lliat't if aa £a@ftt«&tt©«: ; %#4lW;S i .se^tssa.tes : a v t' ; ..ji>tiet Township Big 
a- College ia 'J#iiel a IIJUe/^asaTsa '^ w js'ls^soo is as industrial 
a£ 'lailsaill,s ; Ilgla QiJtool it. Jaila^!/,." i ^lu*, Mfe» and Mrs. Hea- 
:■¥•©© eMi&ea a »<.0ii£far4 lajpuii in Aoalataat I-rijasipal at Has el 

© two fi!aaghterg« <, ,fiaffe« ;f '%*b®SS ; '^l«.'isiife-|s""a^©^.fcte"j©b T raining 
€k fell© .f„. S Mi? Jf^ce Is .' KMts Ti, €3.\* » =M,c.'k'a%& ¥» johason is 
sawiag iia8trset#ff i a£' : Ha!akeisiia..:ilK ,; i' :M;g& v S^©&i i 'i&i::Satikes!ia<, Wis. 
fifes ' f ©Kagr' 'Mxl&m, : - tiekrl ..Baej ^g"©^ fe&a- ■pai , SBts^©f.: tw& .daugfeters . . . 
xg a |;uea-Ei©iaai '"feiaiiiiiag trai@©?i®stsjiipt®a. ; :a£' ;: liiJiiaiid Fark High 
, lilo_» iJ<9fe '^reek' is aow ■ii^sg^,ia/^®^|A^ 9 , --W4^? <.■»%» and Mrs,, 
a©W'' ^fijSiia^iffi'llisilaatia: 'W,.ehc. , Ms ^ '' aMA^M^Bo '$9to ; f ,A<> Schielke 3 
Qsii,iiag s . ' a6® l£irQ A iia "MilmiiuteSoo^lfesrS Bo' ; -S^@4d@iaj, iaee l®se 
:R0ajaka~ ia O&Is ia'jpiv ^Ii« « »M^i- ssA 12; 
?9ttl^fol., Ill/ Eay' is '^itli 'tke Stobij 

.Sa,f.':fi£tiPiaa (Pliyliis 
issisiiiiR.; ^ing, staff . 

iJiflifii 2,; 

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' HauK's j,i.' ,: 
a'c Stoar. 
ia ''the :/ 
;soa' is a 
: 4liull 9 'a 
•MjtSo- 'J'affif 
Brimer. U 
'Joka Qan 
in" Wdiisai 
"B tease t\, 
'home o£ : J 
Ebert 'lii 

ia Biriliiosu Ml,^« ..'o'Lyaia 

^.i,,i.\w>';^ i -..V..;.i Wa.t^.1., .faKi'S- A>,VAi,!.0 

o*L.a -.uZd<?..~\ >: i ! «aE^ *f . ^aafi^as ©^ 
Oals faaffi, 'ill, ? aBalst©a 
ss ia laiysisitfe, !s4s\=,»S 
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r xs a icegaaaai 
'ii"a®s.' iia Bali 
efsarsa is at Wall 
Big';- ,. »4ik®jifc Sale 


Ie!a@Cs31» a o Carlton and Jferiam 
aal Iffisily Andexson 
:.a£a •i's'©fass©r .«f Education 
', £ts«3eciatisa . His wife 
>ai.'» 111, <. .Ri'efeard Robert- 
L'^via Ahlf 8 aaa.Marjorie 
s Maaitawoey Wisv.oHc €s 
laafclif iaMj, M,aa» . .Mary 
Ik, Mi i^asakse,,, .. . George 
irfta High Sehqol. . .Doris 
5?eaatiaa 9 ffi,eii. <. »Jean 
•'•'"' Isssa ©£ Las© Caradari , * . 
,■;; aitla fe'fae f#cati©nal Schocll 
•■.. WiSi.». prs.«- irae Bifct- 
r ' ; " ,.o «\St. .f:aiai ? Uipa, i,s the 
f® siasie® »a r prB : ».. Asxaaiae 
>: M.s.':M®i®::JLsi :Ea,n. Glaire 9 

Mrs, Amis Feiler (Maxine Wurtz)lives in Hammond, Wi s ... Freeman Galoof lives at 
Elmwood, Wis... Jeanne Gonsolin is with the high school at Port Edwards, Wis,.. 
Mary Ghinnock Goodrich makes her home in Monomonie. . .Walter Gorr is a resident of 
South Milwaukee, Wis. . .William Granros makes his home in Centuria, Wis... Mrs. 
Adele Anderson Hahn lives in Milwaukee. . .Richard Hamilton resides in New Castle, Ind, 
...Bernard 01 Hughes is with the public schools at Eromberg, Mont... Mrs. Ray 
Jondourek, nee Alice McVicar, lives at Hortonville, Wis... Leslie Katekara 
resides in Hohlulu, Hawaii. . .Lynn Kingsley is a resident of Muskegon, Mich... 
Walter LaLondresse lives in Austin, Minn. . .Annabelle Hart Larsen lives in Manitowoc, 
Wis. , .Herbert Lehmann resides in Augusta, Wis. . .Mel vin Lemon makes his home in 
Wheaton, 111. ..Mrs. James B. Lewis, nee Mary Ott, lives in Manitowoc, Wis... 
Gordon Lindberg lives in Edgerton, Wis... George Linetti resides at Flint, Mich.. 
Donald Lippold makes his home in Waterloo, Iowa. » .William Ernest Luck is a 
resident of Stillwater, Gkla... Helen Nelville is at the high school in Cadott,Wis. 
..Mrs. Alice Froeba Mittermiller lives in Arlington;, Va. . .Edward Mu.ller is at 
the Atlanta Naval Air Station in Ohandler, Ga. . .Marion Mueller resides in Ferndale, 
Mich... Max Nicol lives in Austin, Minn. . .Alma Niessner is Home Agent in Dunn 
County and lives in Menomonie. . .Mrs. and Mrs. Gordon Nooyen (Shirley Erickson) 
make their home in Sacramento, Cal. , .Raymond .Pit traan lives in Rantoul, 111... 
Thomas Richards resides in Winona, Minn. . .Charles Richardson is with the high 
school in Port Washington, Wis. , .Adeline Schaefer Richter makes her home in 
Watertown, Wis. . .William Roerig lives in Kaukauna, Wis.. .Edgar Ross is a resident 
of Jpppa, Md. . .Douglas Sandow lives at Spring Valley, Wis... Edward Saxhough makes 
his home in Franklin Park, 111... James Schellin lives in Venturia, Cal... Mrs, 
August Schwellenbach, (Beverly Gikling) resides in Loves Park, 111. . .Melker 
J. Shogren is a resident of West Allis, Wis. ..Mrs. Robert Simon, nee Jeanne 
Greenlee, lives in Waukesha, Wis... Emily Slamar is with Northern College of 
Educ.j Marguette, Mich. . .Robert Thomas lives in Mineapolis. . .Mr, and Mrs, Warren' 
Thomas (Verena Price) make their home in Wausau, Wis. .-Robert Thompto is a resident . 
of Flint, Mich... James Timmerman is with the American Dependent Schools and has 
his address at San Francisco, Cal... Lloyd Warn lives at Meshwauk, Minn. . .Gibson 
Van Patter resides at Minneapolis. . .Norman Watson lives at Humbolt, la... Mrs. 
John G. Wendstadt, nee Betty Kuenzel, Makes her home in Elk Mound, Wis., 

Wallace & Norma Nalson Hammerberg make their home in Highland Park, 111. . .Parnik 
and Ru£h Schrader Hazarian reside in Cupertino, Cal.. Barney is on the staff at 
San Jose State College. . .Mr. and Mrs. Gerhard Nelson, nee Marion Ross, lives 
in White Bear Lake, Minn. , .Robert Swanson teaches woodworking and statistics at 
Stout, Mrs. Swanson is the former Margaret Pennington, *48...Jim Bennington is 
an instructor of welding and general metals at the Watertown Vocational School 
in Watertown, Wis... Edward D. Burns is Director of Vocational and Adult Education 
at the Fort Dodge Sr. High School and Jr. College in Fort Dodge, la. Mr. and 
Mrs, Burns attended the National Leadership Training Conference at Cornell U last 
fall... Mrs, Lao Ferg, nee Delores Eggebrecht, is a housewife in Manawa, Wis and 
is the mother of two children. . .Kathleen Hogue is an instructor of Homemaking, at 
Gilbert High School in Fish Greek, Wis... Dr. R. Lindbloom is an instructor of 
Industrial Arts and Director of R e creational at Fox Point School in Mi lwaukee . . . The 
Lindbloom' s have two sons. . .D. G. Lux is Assistant Profesor of Industrial Education 
at the U. of 111. in Urbana, 111. . .Richard J, Sutton is Machine Shop instructor at 
the Brandon Composite High School in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. . .Doris Kemp is 
now living in Appleton, Wis... Ray Gorwell teaches printing, and graphic arts at 
Stout. . .Arvin Ahlf lives in Sheboygan, Wis... Edward Ahrens resides in Brainerd, Minn. 
...Chester Anderson makes his home in Davenport, Iowa. . .Norman Anderson is a 
resident of St. Paul, Minn.... Mrs. John Anshus, nee Audrey Harlander, lives in 
Menomonie. . .Charles Barr lives in Beloit, Wis.. .Clarence Beauchamp is a resident of 
Berkely, Mich. . • Jaques Beers lives in St. Louis, Mo — Mrs. Howard Bell (Dorothy Kopp) 
makes her home at Galesville, Wis... John Bendix is with the industrial arts depart- 
ment at West Michigan College of Educ,, Kalamazoo, Mich. .Bernice B«nson teaches 
at the high school in Frankfort, Mich. . .Margon Berg lives in Shawano, Wis... James 
Bergstrom is a resident of Minneapolis, Minn... Paul Billiet is with the high school 
at Blandensburg, Md...Mrs. Edwin Binstock, nee Helen Kelley, makes her home in 
Rantoul a 111... James Bohn lives in Ypsilanti, Mich... Jack Bongey is a resident of 
"• ' 18 

1949 Louisville, Ky.,.Rosann Bongey makes har home in Parma "Heights, Ohio. , .Dominic 
Cont, Sordini lives in Kaukauna, Wis,., Olive Brownell is a resident of Menomonie. . .Garroll 
Brusen lives in Louisville, Ky...J. Hugh Gapron resides in Winona, Minn... Lois 
Chamberlain makes her home in Algoma, Wis... Elmer Clausen lives in Vancouver, Wash*.. 
Ban Danielson is a resident of Heenah, Wis,,. Robert Desmarais lives in Kenosha, 
Wis,. .Robert Douglas, .resides in Algoma, Wis... Eugene Dyke is with the high school 
*a Modesto, Calif.,, Alan Fe'lthous lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. . .Charles Freeman 
makes his home in Atlanta, Ga,.,Kelsiia Fuller resides in WisconsinRapids, Wis... 
■Mrs. Ray D, Fulwiler (Kathryn Gerondale) is a resident of Algoma, Wis... Mrs. William 
Granros, nee -Lucille Lindberg, makes her home in Genturia, Wis, . .Stephen Grud- 
ichak is a resident of Brawley, Calif .. .Denver, Colo. Is the home of Paul :' 
Halverson. , ,Mrs ! , Donald C. Hanson (Audrey Keith) lives in Franklin Park, 111... 
Mildred Hanson makes her home in Loyal, Wi s ... Roberta Hanson resides in Baldwin, 
Wis., .Ernest Haucke lives in Plymouth, Wis... George Heineman lives in Plum City, 
Wis. . .Richard Herzing makes his home in Redwood City Calif .. .Richard Hogstad. lives 
in Menomonie. . .Joe Horky lives in Minneapolis, , .William Hornbeck resides in Royal 
Oak, Mich. , .Mary Ann Houle is with the high School in Escanaba, Mich, . .Patricia 
Houle is also with the public schools in Escanaba, Mich. . .Milwaukee is the home 
of Herbert Iverson. . .Lee Iverson is a resident of St. Augustine, Fla, . .-.Mrs.-:; ' T 
Robert Jeatran, nee Esther Hedtlie, lives in Menomonie, . .John Jensen lives in 
Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. , .Mrs. P. E, Johnson (Winif red Baghe 11 makes- her '■ 
home In Sioux City, la. ..John Kaiser resides in Beaver Dam, Wis. , .Jean. Kelton. 
lives in Woodvi lie, Wis... Kenneth Keohn is a resident of Rockford, 111. . .Sehofield, 
Wis. is the home of -Edward Kijek,..Ruth Knowles lives in Sturgeon Bay, Wis...l^ 
Oliver Koski is with the ;Mgh school in Escanaba, Mich. ..Donna Kragh lives.-in^ 
Wautoma, Wis.. .Mrs. Kenneth Kr ohm, nee Betty Dengel, makes her home at Rockford, 
111. . .Waukesha, Wis. is the home of Mrs. R, H. Kruehger, the former Mary Friberg... 
Phillip LaBorde is. with the public schools in Sturgeon Bay, .Wis. . ,Mrs. Jarlowe 
Lang, (Oleda Sallander) lives in' West Allis, Wis,'. .James Lange is a resident of 
Camp Hill, Pa. . .Paul Parsen lives in Manitowoc, Wis... Joseph Longo lives in 
Marinette, Wis,., Mary Lundin is with the public schools in Black River Falls, 
Wis... Robert Lynch makes his home in Green Bay, Wis. , .William Maclachlan is a 
resident of Pitcairn, Pa. . .Richard Ma liszewski lives in Oshkosh, Wis. . .Donald ' 
McKibbon lives in Anoka, Minn., .George McQuade is with the high School in Cuba City 
Wi s ... Raymond Moessner is a resident of Roseville, Mich.. .Milwaukee is hhe home 
of John Neumann, ..Gordon Niesner' lives in Joliet, 111. , .Milwaukee is the home of 
Mrs. Melvin Olson, nee Elaine, Johnson. , .LeRoy Parsons resides in Des Moines, .Iowa. ; . 
George'Pease lives in Bay City, Mich, . , Francis Perrigoue is a resident of .Green 
Bay, Wis, . .Marion Peintok teaches at Medford, Wis... John Postman makes his home 
in Palastine, 111. ..Gordon Rehm is with the Senior High School in Eau Claire, Wis. .'. 
Howard'-'Roen lives in Freeport, Ill,..Keneth Schank makes his home in Racine, Wis. 
Howard Schneider is a resident of Crystal Lake, 111. . .Virginia Schrimpf resides 
in Fond du Lac, Wis,.,Jeane Schwalbe also lives in Fond du Lac. .Clyde Sch-- 
wellenbach is a resident of Weyerhouser, Wis... Leslie Smith is with Emmanuel-.--.: 
Missionary College in Berien Springs, Mich,,. Mary Rudow Snoeyenbos makes her home 
in Becsitur, 111, . .Clifford Sorenson lives in Westby, Wis...Ebba Sterner is with 
the junior high school in Wausau, Wis... John Stibel lives in Conrad, Mont.,,..'-, 
Jeanne Kane Stuckey is a resident of Gashton, Wis.,,Mrs» Betty Achterkirck Tasker 
makes her home in -Gillman, Wis... Bruce Thompson lives in" Salem,. Ore, . .Helen Tirpak. ,.- 
lives in Reseberg, Ore, , .Lovell Tuft x-esides in Stillwater, Minn. . .Francis 
Valley lives rn.Remer,»Mary Valley makes her home in Fall Creek, Wis...... 

Lauren Van LOon is with the.ihigh school at Harvard, 111. . .Fond du Lac is the home 
■ of Harley Van Valkenburg* . .Martin Vitz is a resident of Tuscon, Ariz. , .Harlan 
Wehrwein lives in Shakopee, Minn. ..Ben Weins is with Tabor College in Hillsboro, 
.Kan, , .William Wiesner lives at Burlington, Wis.,, Donald Wild makes his home 
at Portsmouth, Va... Stanton Williams is a resident of Dixon, 111... Roger Winberg 
lives at Hibbing, Minn. ,, Manitowoc, Wis is the home of Mrs, James Wise, the 
formex* Rose Olbert. , , George Zimmerman also lives in Manitowoc. . .Robert York- 
ston lives in Milwaukee^ Oregon... Selvin Zabel is a resident of St. Paul, Minn. 


1950 Margon C. Berg is Industrial Arts instructor at Shawano, Wis... Berg 0. Boetcher 

is supervising teacher at the Wisconsin School for Boys in Waukesha, Wis... Robert 
and Lois Crowley are now residing in Cedar Falls, Iowa and have two daughters. 
Mr. Crowley is a teacher of vocational machine shop and Mrs. Crowley is a home" 
maker and instructs an adult eveiiing class. . .Warren and Karen Eiseth have 
recently built a new home in Gillett 9 . Wis. Mrs. Eiseth is teaching general 
industrial arts at the.Gillatt High School. They have a daughter. . .Marvin 
Friebel is a shop foreman with the Shaver Specialty Company in Los Angeles, Cal. . 
Robert Hanna lives in Milwaukee, Wis...W. H, Hehli is superintendent of schools 
in Mondovi, Wis... Janice Jewel Hoemlce is a part-time home economics teacher;; at 
West Allis Vocational School, and lives in Milwaukee with her young daughter 
and husband. . .Ha the w 'A. Janiak is education and training specialist for vocational 
education in Western Caroline Islands^a trust territory of the Pacific islands 
Government. Betty P. Janiak teaches in the American Dependents School, grades 
kindergarten- 7. They have two children. . .Mrs, Phyllis Bartosic Jelich is a 
part time teacher of adult clothing classes at the Cudahy Vocational School. She 
lives in Milwaukee and has two children. . .Joseph Katalinich is head of the industrial 
arts department at Greendale, Wis High School. . ..Norman Lenius is. at Juneau, ^Wis. 
High Schoo 1 . , . John H. Lurquin is head of the Industrial Arts Department at Ever- 
green Park Community High School in Oak Lawn, 111. . .His family includes six 
children. . .Thorwa Id Magnuson teaches machine shop and driver training at Marinette 
Vocational School. . .Alice Fechner McLean is a housewife in Green Bay, Wis,. 
Milton and Beverly Wentlandt Miller have a daughter and a sone in Grand Rapids, 
Mich. Milton teaches machine shop at South High School there, and also teaches 
General Motors Apprentice classes. , .Gordon and Shirley Erickson Nooyen live in 
Sacramento, Calif where Gordon is chairman of the Industrial Arts Department at 
Joaquin Miller Junior High School... Dee and Mary Curran Nutter live in Menomonie, 
Mich., where Dee is general shop teacher and assistant football coach at the high' 
school ... Vernon Reseland lives in Eugene, Ore. , .William D. Richardson is head 
of the department and teaches metals, woodworking, and driver education at Waupun, 
Wis. high school. . .Louis F. Rodey is chief engineer at Stout, and lives near 
Menomonie with his family, which includes a son and a daughter. Ralph Smith 
is serving in the armed forces. „ .Robert A. St. Glair is head of the metals depart- 
ment and shop teacher at Wausau Senior High School, . .Puis sell Tews teaches at 
Washington High and his wife, Helen Wolsey Tews teaches at Packham Junior High, both 
in Milwaukee. . .Fred Wentorf teaches woodworking and driver education at Racine 
Vocational and Adult School. His wife is the former Gerry Erickson. They have two 
sons. . .Jeanne Sand Wingert teaches home ac in Durand, Wis... Paul Axelsen is an 
instructor of printing and graphic arts at Stout. , .Edwin C. Bergmann is living in 
East Lansing, Mich. . .Robert G. Christianson has been transferred to the Air Force 
base at Palacios, Texas, where he is connected with G.A.A. and is an electronic 
maintainaiice technician. . .Robert and Frances Knight Gray make their home in 
Oswego, 111. . .Oaklandon, Ind. is the home of Lewis B. Jackson, . .Lloyd J. Johnson ha s 
moved to Visalla, Cal... John and Gloria Clay Kuala are living in Olympia, Wash.., 
Art Piner resides in Canoga Park, Gal. , ,A1 Racchini has moved to Chicago. . .Orland 
Park, 111 is the home of Joseph R. Weber.,. Karl and Jean Windberg have moved to 
Garden City Mich. 

1951 - Margaret Perry Lewis lives in Marshfield, Wis.. .Lawrence. Ma dsen resides in Magra, 
Wis. ..Gerald B. Slind teaches at Racine, Wis.,,R a cine is also the home of John 
Woo Hey. . .Robert E. Andrewski is teaching general shop at the Immaculate Concep- 
tion High School in Elmhurst, I11...W. Warren Barberg is General Agent for the 
Equitable Life Insurance Company of Iowa in Eau Claire, Wis. . .William A, Cochran 
is teaching metal and electricity at Williamsburg Junior High School in Arlingtoii 
7., Va.. Mrs. Cochran is the former Marianne Zdrazil. They have two children... 
Dean Frey is Assistant Safety Dixeaetor of AAA, Wisconsin Division in Madison, 
Wis. Mrs. Frey is the former "Faye Lehner, The Frey's have one child. . .Howard 
L. Greening is teaching at the Nicolet High School in Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. and 
Mrs. Greening have one son. , .Torval Hendrickson is a printing instructor at the 
Hammond Technical Vocational High School in East Ghicago, Ind. The Hendrickson' s 
have two sons, George Kinsler is residing in LaGrosse, Wis... Mr. and Mrs. Roland 

j. r. 20 

1951 J. Krogstad also live Ik LaC'ross. They have four sons.; Charles Mowabray is an 
Gone I. A. teacher at Monroe High School, Monroe, Wis... Mrs. Glen Parks, the former e 
Eleanor Grutt, is a Heme Economist for the Wisconsin Electric Power Go. in 
Kenosha, Wi s ... Henry Roesler is an instructor of Machine Shop at Oshlcosh School 
of Vocational and Adult Education in Oshkbsh. . .Glenn J. Sommers is shop foreman 
for the Milwaukee Pulp Products, Ind'. 'Mr. and Mrs. Sommers reside in Milwaukee,., 
Clarence and Barbara Uranker and their three daughters are living in West Allis. 
Clancy is teaching I. A. in Milwaukee* 4 .Garth E. Wilcox is teaching woods and 
drawing in Tomahawk, Wis... Warren J* Wold is a design draftsman for the Remington- 
Rand-'Onivac Company in St, Paul, Minn. . .Jerome and Resemary Zelenka and their 
three children are now residing in Milwaukee. Jerry is teaching woods, electricity 
patterhmaking and is coaching football and track at Lincoln High, Mrs. Zelenka, ' • 
the former Rosemary Goeda, is teaching at the Milwaukee Vocational School, 

1952 - Mrs. Ruby Bartz is now living in Downing, Wis,, .Elaine Blaser is now teaching 

clothing at the Kenosha School of Vocational and Adult Education in Kenosha, Wis.,. 
Mrs. James R. Bo Ion 9 nee Katie Ziehra, is 'now' a homemaker in Marshfield, Wis and 
has one child... Wayne D. Coleman is welding and machine shop instructor in Charles- 
ton, 111. at the Eastern Illinois State College. Mrs. Coleman is the former. 
Shirley Doner. , .Donald Griesbach is teaching I.A. at Morrisonville High School in 
Morrisonville, 111... Earl R. Herring is an instructor at the Hibbing Junior 
Golllge in Hibbing, Minn. . .Charles Jorgehsen is ah I.A. teacher at Humboldt Park 
School in Milwaukee. , .Dorothy Knutson is. an instructor in the department of Foods 
and Nutrition at Stout. I.Mrs. Gar la ton Mils, nee Joan Mitby, is teaching home- 
making' at Mounds View High School in New Brighton, Minn. , .Robert Ohm is now residing 
in New London, Wis... Mrs. and Mr. Wayne Olson are both teaching school in Mil- 
waukee, Wis.. Mr. Olson is teaching at Walter Allen School and Mrs Olson, nee Karen 
Anderson, is teaching at Benjamin Franklin School. . .Mrs, Elizabeth Schumm, nee 
Elisabeth Holenweg, is a homemaker in Hilton, ELY, ..Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Traicler 
live near Menomonie. Mrs. Traxler is the form&r Pat iCrause. . .Rita J. Ziegeweid 
is teaching Heme Economics at Stanley High School^ Stanley, Wis... Joe G. Brejcha 
now lives in West Allis, Wis,.. Wayne D. Coleman has moved to Charleston, 111... 
Charles Goodell lives in Clinton, Iowa. . .Robert Her ling resides in Red Wing, 
Minn. . .Milwaukee is the home of Harry ,'G* Hill»». k Lt* Robert Miller is with the 
U. S. Navy and lives in Brunswick, Ga.'. .Robert Ohm' makes his home in Green Bay, Wis. 
..Gustave Swanson resides in Ironwood, Mich. 

1953 ~ Lois Bredlow is at Black River Falls,, Wis.. .Rita Hack lives in Rhine lander, Wis... 
James A. Leader lives in Port Huroirj'- : Mieh. . .Louis H. Precourt resides in Davenport, 
la... George and Nadine Brown Stephenson now live; in Galesburgh, 111. . .Richard and 
Marguerite Wingert make their home in Hutchinsb'nj Mich. , .Alfred R. Anderson is a 
Time Study Engineer for Minneapolis Honeywell and resides in Richfield, Minn. . . 
DsWayne Burck is living in Freeport-, • ill. * .Byron M. Dodge is teaching I. A. and coach- 
ing at Barron, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. Dodge have two .sons. ., ,- Jerome and Audrey Duncan 
aste now residing in Kenosha, Wis. Mr* Duncan is graphic arts instructor at McKinley 
Jr. High School and Mrs. Duncan, the former Audrey Pollock is teaching Home 
Economics at the same school. . .Richard G. Duthler is a design draftsman designing 
home appliances for the Whirlpool Corp. inSt. Paul, Minn. Mrs. Duthler is the 
former Nancy Elam. ..Mrs. Robert S. Eliot, the former Phyllis Allman, is now a 
housewife in Denver, Col. . .Margaret Fitzgerald is teaching home Economics at Oreble ' 
High School, Green Bay s Wis.-. .Bernadine Gunderman is now residing in Monroe ,Wis... 
Howard Heigel is living in Racine, Wis*.. All Hemauer is a cabinet making, instructor 
at Central High School in LaCrosse, Wis. The Hemauer' s have one daughter and two 
sons... John Jacobson is teaching and coaching at New Trier High School, Winnetka, 
111,, . .Daniel K. Jeatran is an instructor. , of hotel and restaurant cookery at 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Jeatran 1 s have two daughters, . .Frederick M. Kajihara is 
teaching pra-vocational and advanced woodwork in Leilehua High School > . Wahiawa 
Oahu, Hawaii. .James A. Leader, Jr. Is an instructor of engineering drawing at 
Port Huron Jr. College, Port Huron, Mich, , .Raymond C„ Luhrsen is a drafting 
instructor at Mooseheart High School in Mooseheart,, III.: The Luhrsen 's have two 
children, , .Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Miglio are now residing, in Wauwatosa,, Wis... 


1953 Mr. Miglio is a lubrication engineer for the Soeony Mobil Oil Company and Mrs, 
Gont . Miglio, the former Ann Rossini Her, is a Home Economics instructor at Brookfield 

High School. . .Mrs. Buddy Miller,, nee Zoe Mueblhausar, is a foods instructor at 
Chippewa Falls but is living in Eau Claire, Wis,.. Mr, and Mrs* Robert Morris 
are both teaching school at Tony, Wisconsin. Mr. Morris is teaching I. A. and 
Mrs. Morris, nee Catherine Mager, is teaching Homemaking „ . .Glen A. Sehwoch is 
a machine shop instructor at Watertown .Vocational and Adult School in Watertown 
Wis... Albert P. Spanheimer is now residing in LaCrosse, Wis. .. Si ground Wards is 
teaching in the Vocational School in Milwaukee. 

1954 - Vivian Barnhart is teaching Home Economics at the Wisconsin School for the Visually 

Handicapped at Jane svi lie, Wisconsin. „ .Mrs. Andres Bartel is now residing in 
Chilton, Wis... Glenn Bart.ling is chairman of I, A. at Longfellow Jr. High School 
in Wauwatosa, Wis, The Bartling' s have four children. » .Donald C. Beran is atr 
instructor in the engineering shop at the General Motors Institute in Flint, 
Mich. .Mrs. Beran, nee Mary Eeimerman, is a "'dietitian at the Genesee County T, 
B. Sanatorium. They have two children. , J . Mr. and Mrs,. Carl F. Berthlein, the 
former Joyce DeVries, are residing in Racine, Wis. Mr. Berthlein is a metals 
teacher at Washington Park High School there, . .Mary Block, nee Mary Alice Detior, 
is now teaching home economics at Wild Rose High School in Wild Rose, Wis. . . 
..'.Robert P. Boldt is teaching general shop and cabinetmaking and coaching basket- 
d""hall at Crystal Falls High School in Crystal Falls, ."Mich. The boldt 's have five 
children. ..Mrs. Iris lluf Kuehls is teaching at Parma High School, Parma, Ohio... 
Elinor Lehman is a' dietitian at Ancker Hospital in St. .Paul, Minn. . .Edward Marko 
is teaching electricity at Lane Tech. High School- in Chicago,- 111. . .Everette 
McTrusty is an. instructor of metals and driver education instructor at the Park 
Ridge Public School in Glenview, I11...E. James and Maryann- Rokusek are residing 
.' in Oak Park, 111. Mr. Rokusek is an instructor- nt Chicago Teachers College. 
Mrs. Rokusek is the former Maryann Smith. 'They 'have one daughter. . .Jacqueline 
Frisbie lives in Green Bay, Wis. . .Roberta Harris has moved to Lebanon, Inc.. 
Floral and Hazel, Nelson Jollif fee '.make their home in Arlington Heights, 111... 
Donna Anderson Joppa lives in Duluth, Minn... ..Milwaukee is the home, of Harold 
Sechtig. . .Robert Spinti teaches electricity at Stout,..' His wife is the former Bev 
Peterson. . .George Stolp lives in Racine, Wis. ...Louise Zirbel makes her home in 
DePere, Wis .. .Harold W. Sechtig is teaching I. A. and Math at Washington High 
School in Milwaukee. ...Bruse B. Sorensen is,, teaching woodworking at Miles Township 
High School in Skokie, 111, . .Joseph Stebley Xs,, teaching metals and is an assistant 
football coach at the Berlin High School, Berlin, Wis. . .Lawrence Styer' is teaching 
vocational auto mechanics at the Whaa.ton §r; fiigh School in Wheaton, Md. ..Mrs. Styer 
the former Joanne Hosford, is chief. Therapeutic, Dietition at the George Washington 
University Hospital in Washington, .D.C. . ; They reside in Silver Spring, Md.».Mr. 
and Mrs. Henry C. Tall and their daughter are living in Milwaukee, Wis. Mrs. 
Tall was formerly Joan Fairweather . . .Roy Willmartli is teaching woodworking at the 
Hanna Boys' .Center in Sonoma, Gal. . .Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Zittlaman are residing 
in Eex</ Boston, Mich. Don teaches at the Allan Park Public Schools, Mrs. Zittle- 
man is the former Ann M. Ritzinger, . .Harold H. . Half in teaches Machine Shop, and 
General Metals -it Stout. 

1955.- R. E. Adkins is now Leaching in an army dependents school in Morocco. . .Mary Lois 

Andersen is an Administrative Dietitian' at the University Hospital of Celevland. . . 

Nyla Bock is a Hov.e Demonstration Agent in Maione, Wis...JoAnn Brehm is a dietitian 

and is teaching at the Hurley Hospital in Flint, Mich,.,Lt James L. Brown is 

flying blimps for the Navy. He and his wife, the former Virginia Lathrope 

reside in Lakehurst, N.J. ... Gind D. Casucci is a layout checker at the Beloit 

Iron Works in Beloit... Mr. and Mrs. .John Christensen (Diane Klernine) live in 

Sheboygan Falls, John is now Rational President of the Stout Alumni Association 

and is working on his masters degree at the U. of wis. . .Harold E. Enders resides 

in Gladstone, Mich... George Fink .is .teaching in the Niles Township High. School 

in Skokie, 111... Bob Foster is in ..the 'Army with missle training at Travis Air 

Force, California. Mrs. Foster, the former Mae Rammer, is teaching 

Home Economics at South Side Junior High School in Sheboygan, Wis. . .Barbara L. 

Fritz, nee Barbara Hilts, is teaching in the Jr. High School in Freeport, 111.,. 


19jj I), L.. Garstad is teaching I, A. and Driver Ed at the Webb High. School in Reedsburg, 
Cent . Wis. . .Arthur Jersild is an I, A. instructor' at' the'- Elkhart Senior High School in 
Elkhart, Indr. .-Mr> ■ and Mrs, James Kichef ski .are 'now' residing inJoliet, -111. 
Mr. Kichefski is .teaching X„A. -at the Jo list Tfo'wnship High School and Junior 
College and Mrs, Kichef ski _, the former Carol "Banner, is a dietician at Silver ■ 

■.Gross ^Hospital in delist, , .Allan .R. Loew is "teaching auto .mechanics and welding 
isa .IJayeiigort High School, Davenport, Iowa. Mrs. Loew, "the former Joelene Chryst, 
is doing substitute teaching in the Davenport Schools, They have a daughter. . . 
Alfred G, Oehs is. a fire direction control specialist with the U." S.Army... 
David Pedro is ,. an instructor of general crafts and, home mechanics at 'the Custer 
High School in Milwaukee. . .Mrs, Donald Rock, nee .Carol So lem,'i"s teaching- " 
home economics in. the Benton Public Schools in Benton, Wis., .Robert Ruparcich 

, .is. ..teaching,. I. A. at the A. 3. Burdick School in Milwaukee, Wisy.'kSfstef Mary ■' 
■-, Gondia -,S;. S.l.D. is a Heme Economies Instructor "at Mount Mary "College' in Milwaukee. , 
Mrs, Gloria Smith (Gloria Yoigkt) is .a housewife and homemaking teacher at 
Manitowoc, Wis...Pfe, Jerome Se-nraier is 'working with troop, information and education 
with.; the .U-.S. Army.. ..Mr, and Mrs. Richard Sorehson" are living in St. Glair 
■Shores j Mich., where Mr. Sorenson is an instructor of drafting.. "Mrs; Soramson 
is the former Carol Sckilstra* . i-?fc. William K. "Stern is in Germany with the • 
U.S.A. Security Agency,, U.S. army , .- . Mr , and' Mrs. " David.. Wendt are living in 
Madison. .Dave is teaching drafting at the U.- of. Wis, engineering department,.. 
Carole Tickler is teaching homemaking at, the High S'ehool""iii. JCaukauna", Wis;.. ■■' 
Marvin Kufahl teaches. Sheet Metal and Foundry at Stout . .'.Edward F„ Steineke 
liyes -;in Milwaukee. . .Eugene Horkey, resides in Tlrermopo'lis, Wy'6. . .Warren and Wallace 
Maurer live in, Muney, Penn, . .Baney, Garpll Mauri na 'makes her home in River Falls, 
Wis* . .Edward- T. Nowicki lives in Greandale, Wis,..,.. Kent 'W. ' Roeher resides in '•'■' 
Galesvillcj Wis... ..', . . , " ' " 

1956 - Mary-W. Adams is a homeiaaking teacher in Crystal Fali-s High ' School", Crystal Falls, 
Mich. . , Joan Anderson is an instructor .at the Junior High School in" Wausau, Wis... 
Roland -G. Beiswanger is teaching woods, drawing and carpentry in Gleiiwood City, 
Wis-, fie resides in Ridge land a Wis,.. Mrs Donald Sobatka, nee Nancy A. Brackett, 

lives in Menomonie, . ,P. Raymond Burkhalter is a graphic arts instructor and ~ 

advisor of the school newspaper at Muscatine Sr.'Higlr, 'Muscatine,' lav, ..Clinton 
J. Byrnes is a woodworking instructor in Beaver Bam, Wi s ... Edward Clary is a 
teacher at the Beloit -.Vocational School, Beloit, Wis... Betty Conrad is teaching 
Home Economics at the Port Washing ton, High School. . .Vera D'. Dale is Head of the 
Borne Economics Department at the Waupun High School, Waupu'n, 'Wis. . .Mrs t "Hi la 
Domagaia, nee Hi la Jeffery, is a vocational home economics teacher at School " 
District #85, Mound, Mi 'an. , .Janice Eddy is a dietician at the V.A. Hospital in 
Tomah, Wis,.,,, .Robert A. Erickson is an instructor at the Fond Du Lac School of 
Vocational and Adult Education, Fond Du Lac, Wis,,. James G. For tin is teaching 
I. A, and is coaching track and football at the high school in Hayward, Wis," 'Mrs. 
Fortin, the former Helen King, also attended Stout State College. . .Homer J. 
..Erase is teaching I. A. at. the. Wheat on Community High School in Wheatbn, 111.'.. 
Mrs. Fred- Gahlman, (Dorothy Ann Meis) is. ...teaching home economics at r the Waupun 
High School, Waupun, Wis. „ .Arthur F'. Goglin is' teaching at the East Jordan High 
School, Michigan. The Goglin 1 s have two daughters, .'.Mrs. James Ha lvdr son, the 
former Lillian Smith, is teaching homeiaaking at the, Elmwoad High School' and' lives 
in Menomonie., .Floyd Banley is teaching . shop and driver education at the Thorp 
High School, Thorp, Wis.,. Mrs. E.. LeRoy Holcorab, who resides at Eau Claire, Wis. 
is teaching homemaking at the Central High School, Strum, Wis. She is the former 
Boris Hutchinson. . .Janice liorniekel is teaching home, economics at Lincc/ln and 
Sheridan in Sheboygan, Wi s ... Raymond L. ..Johnson is now residing in Minkato, 
Minn. . .Mike -Kacamar ski is a Specifications Manager working on specifications and 
. mQdificatiopun.of fueL units 'on jet engines with .the A. "C Spark Plug- Company , 
He resides in Milwaukee .. .Mrs, R. G.Kasel. nee "Car blind" Ye'titzy.' £ s" ''a ' homemaker 
in Menomonie, Win., .May IZ-xy is a County -Home Agent with the eictension department 
of the University at Stevens Point, Wis. ..Carol AV Krueger, nee Carol An Lundeen, 
is a high school home economics teacher .at the Unity High School, Balsam Lake.., 
William LaBine is a metals instructor at the Mass High School, Mass", Mich... 

1956 Joel Lamke is a metalworlc instructor at the Pulaski Community School, Pulaski, Wis. 

Cont ..Mrs. John Lynch, nee Rosemary Kelley, is teaching H rae Economics at the high 

school in River Falls, Wis. .. Shirley Lundeen is a graduate student working toward 
her M.S. at Pennsylvania State U. She also teaches freshmen clothing classes... 
Mrs. Lyle Martens, nee Darlene Pyatt, is now residing in Wausau, Wis... Glenn 
J. Matl is an instructor in the woodworking department at the Beloit School of 
Vocational and Adult Education, Beloit, Wis... Avis Jean Mertes is a Home Economies 
instructor in Janesville, Wis... Mary Ellen Mcllquham is teaching home economics 
in Chippewa Falls, Wis... Joan Mountford is teaching home economics at the Rip on' 
Jr. High School, Rip on, Wi s. . .Donna Neerhof is teaching home economics at the 
DePere High School, DePere, Wis. . .Orville W. Nelson is doing graduate work at 
the U. of Minn, on a Danforth Scholarship .. .Patricia R. Nelson is an assistant 
home agent at Schofield, Wis... Allen E. Nicolai, is woods and metals instructor 
at the Riverside High School in Milwaukee. Mrs. Nicolai, the former Janet Kumbier, 
is a homemaker. They have one son. . .Carlene Polivka is teaching Home Economics at 
the Oilman High School, Sheldon, Wis. . .Barbara Post is a therapeutic dietitian at 
the Milwaukee Hospital, Milwaukee. . .Barbara Ray is a County Home Agent with the 
Extension Service of the U. of Wis. in Neillsville, Wis... Joel T. Russell is 
with the Josten Engraving Company doing time studies. Mrs. Russell is the former 
Helen Helm. They have two children. . .Edy the Schmidt is teaching Home Economics 
at the Gillett High School, Gillett, Wis... Warren H. Schuster is an I. A. teacher 
at the Lincoln High Schoel in Manitowoc, Wis. Mr. and Mrs, Schuster have two 
daughters. . .Robert H. Smith is an assistant forrester with the Wis. Conservation 
Department. He resides in Oilman with his xd.fe and son... Carl I. Spinti is a 
battery clerk with the U. S. Army. . .Nancy Bargen Stephens is a Home Economics 
teacher at the St. Croix Falls School, St. Croix Falls, Wis... Allen Stuve is a 
woodwork instructor at Allen Park High School, Allen Park, Mich...Elene Sweet is 
an assistaiat dietitian in charge of menu planning and ordering at the Nurses 
residence, Cook County Hospital, Chicago, 111. . .Robert W. Wallace is driver 
education and drawing instructor at the school of vocational and adult education 
in Port Washington, Wis... James F. Warnecke is with the U. S. Army in Fort 
Leonard Wood, Mo... Charles J. Weber is a Junior Assistant in the Wiesner and Holm 
Company, a printing plant in Beaver Dam, Wis. . .Gerald Wick is teaching at the 
Hurley High School, Hurley, Wis... Carol A, Yount is teaching Home Economics at 
the South Side Jr. High School, Sheboygan, Wis...F. Martin Braaten is in French 
Cameroons, West Af rica. . .Janice Eddy is at the V.A. Hospital in Tomah, Wis... 
Wesley Face is resident head at Lynwood Hall, the boys dorm. He also teaches 
woodworking and drafting at Stout... Leo Janis is in the service, stationed in 
Japan... John H. L. Johnson lives in Madison. . .Caryl Teasdale Lemke is home agent 
at Oconomowoc, Wis... Jane Motyka lives in Pueblo, Col. . .Merlin Schendel lives 
at Eyota, Minn. . .Milwaukee is the home of Ann Shemick. . . Joan Stegman lives in 
Soquel, Calif... Lyle Teppen is metalshop instructor at Round Lake, 111. . .Pat Casberg 
Warsinske lives in Wisconsin Rapids, 

1957 - Georgia Christner is teaching Home Economics in Wauwatosa, Wis. . .Audrey Grote is 

Cont. a homemaking teacher at the Washington Junior High School, Manitoxroc, Wis. . .Barbara 

Habstritt is teaching homemaking in Oshkosh, Wis... Tony Kotyza is residing in 

Two Rivers, Wis... Mrs. Ernest J. Rawson is a homemaker and substitute teacher in 

Long Beach, Gal. Her husband is on the staff at the Long Beach College. . .Mr. 

and Mrs. John E. Rynders are now residing in Eau Claire, Wis. and are teaching at 

the Memorial High School there. Mrs. Rynders is the former Barbara Brown... 

Mrs. Leslie W. Sullivan, nee Vicky J. Grimm, is a Home Economics instructor in 

the Ellsworth High School, Ellsworth, Wis... Ron D. Woodliff is now in Tomah, Wis... 

LeRoy Zwick is an instructor of math and I, A. in Milwaukee, Wis... Ruth V. Alfter 

is also residing in Milwaukee. . .William G. Anderson is residing in Racine, Wis... 

Helen Anderson is now making her home in Watertown, Wis^..Lucile Mae Anderson is 

living in Hudson, Wis. . .Richard T. Anderson lives In Waukesha, Wis... Mrs. Margaret 

Apel is living in Cocharana, Wis... Mrs. Janet Bachmeyer is residing in Menomonie.. 

Her husband, Bill still attends Stout .. .Eugene Battist is living in Minocqua, 

Wis... Cecil H. Beck is now in Powell, Wyo... Joseph E. Beland is living in Big 

Rapids, Mich, Mrs. Beland is the former Kay Thurston. . .Marilyn Berkseth is 

living in Elkhorn, Wis. , .Elwood H. Bilse resides in Fond du Lac, Wis. . .Ervin 
b . . . . - 24 .... 

1957 Birkholz lives in Baloit, Wis. ., Shirley Boarnoville is making 'her home in Brussels 
Cont. Wis. . .Mathias F, Brejcha is with the Ferris Institute, Big Rapids, Mich. . .Herbert 
A. Brodt is living in Eau Claire, Wis. , .Patricia Browe lives in Wausau, Wis... 
Lawrence A, Bruno is at the Michigan College of Mining and Technology in Sault 
Ste. Marie, Mich. , .Connie Ghallman is teaching in Superior, . .H. Vernon Christensen 
is at the St. Maries High School, St. Marias, Idaho, . .Leonard M. Clark resides 
..u Menomonie, Wis, . .Charles Constantino is living in Lincoln Park, Mich, Mrs. 
Constantine is the former Maiy Ann Moore. , .Larry B. Gowles lives in Lakewood, 
Ohio,.. Mrs. William Daehling lives in Meuoiuonia, Wis,,,Pvt, Jamas Dailey is in 
the Morter Battery at Port Riley, Kan, , „ James Dainsa is living in Jackson,' Mich.,, 
,A, J. Daniels lives in Milwaukee, Wis.,, Diana L. Darey resides in Waukegan, 111... 
Mrs. Helen Dignan is now living in Chippewa Falls, Wis,., Mary Jane 'Dunks Iberger 
lives in Albert Lea, Minn,., Roy J, Eekes ia teaching in Merrill, Wis. , .Kfaal E. 
Sdman is living in Ely, Minn, , .Habere Ekman resides in Ironwood, Mich. . .Maurice 
L. Ellis in in the iayviae. , ,Qana W, Suder la living in Wart 8alam 3 Wis. . ,l,iomaine 
S. Bntlrtion livts in S'hieaficmu Wi§, , -Albert R s iriekgon is living in Eau Glaire, 
Wig,,, Mrs, Zst IffiekiOi'i li living in St. faul s Mian, , .Mdward B. fonts 1@ living 
in Bsfchaada, OMe,,» Bitty Louise J'ralay is. residing in Barron, Wis. « , Msharel 
Hashimoto la In Oghksgh a Wis. , ,Mna Saffron is in Three Lakes, Wis. . .larlan B. 
Giffse is living in Madison, Wis* Mrs. Sieaa is the forraar Marilyn Webb who 
attended Stout, ,, llamas, Gill la teaching at the Hook High School., Rook, Mleh. . . 
Garel Ann Qilson is making her home in Madiera, Wis, , .William J, 6 lavas is 
living la Dstreltj Mish. . »Juc1y Goehring la residing in, Iron Mvar, Miok. . . 
Manraen GolllhtK' Uvea in Milton, Wis. a. Mrs. David Goodlaiison, the former Joans 
Maequart, now resides in Waupun, Wis,., Mrs, Barbara Gosh, nee Barbara Austin, lives 
in G&dofcfcj Wis... The former Dorothy Dieter, Mrs. David R, Gresoh, llvas in 2um-« 
brata*, Minn, , h'Mury Jane uSreftte is with the Multnomah Hospital, Portland, Qrs.,., 
Neva HalpMcla is in Minneapolis, Minn. ., Susan J. Hamilton is living in Btoskton, 
Gal.a.J'* Thomas Handy is living in Dearborn, Mi eh, Mrs. Handy, nae Lenora 1 Sinsbaeh 
also attended Stout,., Mrs, James Eofiaekar lives in Msnom.onie, Wis... John 1. 
Hoffmann raaidas ia Howall, Mieh, , .Basil holder is now at Ft, Leslie J. MsNair 
in Washington, 3D.G. . .Marjori© Jacob son lives in West A'ilis, Wis,,. Janice J&nquin 
lives in Milwaukee, , ,Loa Johnson lives in Maw Lisbon? Wis,,, Mrs. Marlin Johnson, 
thta fonaex Mary Rosin lives in Bonduel, , Wis. , .Richard L, Johnson lives in 
Marshfiald, Wis, Mrs, Johnson, a 1930 Stoat graduate is the former Janis Oebser... 
Coit.,4, Jones lives iri New Richmond, Wit;,,, Mr. and Mrs. John Jordan live in 
Minneapolis, Minn, Mrs. Jordan is the former Carol Halm, , .Andree Mario Jo'sfc 
Uvea in Oaghton, Wi a. . .William H, Jylha lives in Starnbaugh, Mich. . .Carol Kasper 
resides in Gassville, Wis.., Mary Katharine Kennedy is at: the Pulaski high School 
in Pulaski, Wis,, .Marion Lois Kindschy lives in Mekooaa, Wis.,, Vergil G, King lives 
in Stanley, Wis, . .Rodney W. Kjell lives in Oshkosb, Wis, ...Ralph Klabunda is with 
the Vocational School in Appleton, Wis.,,, Howard Paul Knop lives in Monroe, Mich,., 
Joseph D. Koch lives in Milwaukee, Wis, . .Robert 13, Koesliu resides in Milwaukee... 
Walter W. Kratsch lives in Das. Plaines, ill. . .Marlene Kxause ia with the U, S. 
Public Health Service Hospital Dietary Department in Stanton Inland, Mew York, . . 
Richard Kreasa is now living in Nsenah, Wis . . , Gretchen Kubish lives in Milwaukee, 
Wis, . .Kasukiyo "Jiggs" Kuboyama ia with tha Waianae High School, Waianae, Oahu, 
Hawaii. . .Kenneth II, Lantto lives in Aitkin, Minn. . .Eugene Larson resides in 
Lakewood, Ohio .. .Jamas R, Laustad is residing in Wheeler, Wis... Mr. and Mrs. 
Earl. 'Lehman are living in Ft. Smith Ark, Mrs. Lehman is the former Flora Spinti. 
Noel Lehner lives in Beaver Dam, Wis,,. Milan Lolich lives in Hauswauk, Minn.., 
Guy Long resides in Chippewa Falls, Wi s ... Larry G. Love land lives in Plainwell, 
Mich. , .Marvin L. Mads en resides in Germantown, Wis, . .Mike Manogian is now in 
Racine, Wis,., Frank Marose lives in Sheboygan, Wis.., Mrs. Duane G. Marshall, 
nee Gwen Somers, lives in Menomonie. . ,Ly la G, Martens lives in Mercer, Wis.,. Mrs. 
Martens, the former Darlene Pyatt, is a 1956 Stoat grad. , .LaVonne Matt son lives 
in Prescott, Wis.,,Jaraas S. Mau lives in Waldo, Wis. His wife, the former 
Patricia Ryan, Graduated from Stout in 1956 ,. ..Donald Maurer and his wife, tne 
former Mary Seppanen, are living in Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. . .Gordon S. Maves is 
an instructor of Graphic Arts at the Evans town Township High School, Evanston, 
111,.. Gloria MeHeigLt lives in Milwaukee, Wis,,, Delia Medin is now living in 


1957 Oklahoma City, Okla...Mr. and Mrs. Reinhold Meibsner are living in Alexandria, Va . 

Cont Mrs. Meihsner is the former Rita Jackson. , .E. Dan Messmer lives in Bruce, Wis,.. 

Neil Miller resides in Robert, Wis. . , Gareth Nelson is an instructor of electricity 
and radio in Lincoln Park, Mich. . .Robert Niemiste lives in Nexv London, Minn, , . 
Thomas J. Nigbor lives in Plato Center, 111. . .Leona Novy teaches in Reedsburg, 
Wis. . , Harry Nysather now lives in Janesville, Wis. . .James 0. Olds is now living in 
Manawa, Wis... Jane Ohia lives in Osseo, Wis. . .Donald Olson lives in Superior, Wis.. 
Evanell Olstad resides in Portage, Wis... Robert D. Olstrom is teaching in Bloomer 
Wis.,, James Ooolay resides in Traverse City, Mich. . .Kathleen Ott is residing in 
Whitehall, Wis .. .Douglas R. Pagel is with the U. S, Army at Fort Riley, Kan... Rita 
Pauls is now in San Francisco, Cal. . . Sherwin R. Pearson lives in Jackson, Mich., 
Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Pellegrin live in Carlisle, Ohio. Mrs. Pellegrin is the 
former Ellen Steinhoff. . .Margaret Perman is now an instructor at Stout ., .Deloran 
Petei'son is living in Laona, Wis... Robert Peterson is living in Colfax, Wis... 
William E. Peterson lives in Milwaukee, Wis... Leo Plewa resides in Duluth, Minn.., 
Fred Ponschok lives in Shawano, Wis... Lorn D. Pracht lives in Rib Lake, Wis...' 
Donald W. Pirtchard is teaching at the High School in Prairie du Sac, Wis... Mrs. 
Charles L. Pri tenet t, the former Helen Marben now lives in Bloomington, Wis.. 
Donald H. Raether lives in Minneapolis, Minn... Mrs. David A. Rasmusse, the former 
Dorothy Disrud lives in Madison, Wis .. .Francis J. Rauscher resides in Medford, 
Wis,,.F. G. Reuter lives in E.ed Wing, Minn... Mary Elen Rich lives in Marshfield, 
Wis,,.Ane Marie Richardson is now at Duke University in Durham, N.C. . .Herbert P. 
Riebe lives in Berkely, Cal. . .Richard Roberts lives in West Bend, Wis. . .Richard 
Rokus resides in New Munich, Minn... Mr. and Mrs. William Romoser are now making 
their home in Antioch, 111.., Mrs. Romoser is the forme-r Dorothy Belisle, a 1956 
grad, . .Merlin Schendel resides in Naperville, 111. . .Harriet B. Wilke is living in 
Ripon, Wis...Jerald Schoenike lives in Park Falls, Wis ,. .Margaret Ann Schuette 
lives in Chicago, 111..., Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Schultz are living in Wisconsin 
Rapids, Wis. Mrs. Schultz is the former Jean Wood, a 1955 grad... Jean Schwertel 
is with the Central High School Sheboygan, Wis... Mrs. Paul Score, the former 
Marilyn Randall, lives in Wheeler, Wis. . .Patricia Seibert is now in South 
Milwaukee, Wis...LeRoy Sharkey lives in Freeport, 111... Edith Shaw lives in 
Harvard, 111. . .Alleen Shinabargar is teaching in New Richmond, Wis. . .William 
Showacre is at the Francis W. Parker School in San Diego, Cal... Carl E. Smith lives 
in Birnamwood, Wis.,. Mrs. Judith Smith, nee Judith N. LaDuke, lives in Barron, 
Wis... Dale R. Soderbeck resides in Des Plaines, 111. . .Charles W, Somers is 
living in Detroit, Mich. . .Barbara Sommerhalder is living in Milwaukee, Wis... 
Wayne H. Stahlkopf is now in LaFarge, Wis . . .Gustave B. Swanson lives in Ironwood, 
Mich... Mrs. William Christopherson, nee Elizabeth Taylor, is residing in Gales- 
ville, Wis... Robert T. Temple is at the John Dewey High School in West Allis, Wis.. 
Alun Thomas lives in Madison, Wis... Robert H, Treise is living in Detroit, Mich., 
T-omas Tsuji lives in East Detroit, Mich. , .Mary Ann Urbanz is residing in Burlington 
Wis... Glenn H. Voelz lives in Calumet, Mich. , .Marvin H. Westrom lives in Des 
Plaines, 111, . .Nathalie Wick lives in Baldwin, Wis,., John Widmar lives in 
Milwaukee, Wis... Mrs. David Wingert, the former Joan Morneau, lives in Russell, 
Minn. . .Roger S. Wood lives in Aurora, III. . .Herbert Yoshida resides in DeSoto, 
Wi^s. . .William F. Young is teaching in Menomonee Falls, Wis..Zane Zander lives in 
E ton Rapids, Mich... Carl A» Zenisek resides in Hazel Park, Mich. . .Edx-rard Zillman 
is now with the U. S. Army in Ft. Chaffee, Ark... Jack Sampson teaches general shop 
at ... Sister M. Jacquekinie, F.S.P.A. teaches at Kuemper High School in 
Carroll, Iowa... Ken Wittig served in the U. S. Army until December. . .Francis V, 
Boigenzahn teaches blueprint reading, math, and driver education in Beloit, Wis... 
Henry and Marilee Gate Moerschel live in Pasadena, Cal, while Hank is in the 
service. . .Douglas Pagel is stationed in Fort Gordon, Ga. 

Former Students and Staff : Mrs. June Nutter Goemer, a former instructor, lives in St 

Cloud, Minn. , .Blanche L, Lee is state leader of home economics extension, associated 
with the U. of Wis. at Madison, . .Gertrude M. O'Brien, former registrar, now liv^o 
in Madison. . .Louis F, Wisbroecker teaches printing at the Eau Claire high school... 
Arthur J. Kirch lives in San Francisco, Cal... Mrs, G.W.Rae lives in Marcus, la. 



A total of 938 calls for Stout State College graduates, but only 203 
available graduates to fill these positions! 

A salary range between $3600 - $4600 for first year jobs of bachelor's 
graduates with no teaching experience. A range of between $4050 - $6700 for persons 
holding the masters of science, depending upon experience! 

Prospects for the future of Stout State College graduates to remain favorable, 
especially in the field of teaching. Graduates also continuing to have a wide choice 
of positions and locations! 

Yes, young people who receive their education at Stout have a bright future 
of professional advancement, financial reward, and opportunity to serve their nation 
and humanity. And often it is the advice of a satisfied, successful alumnus that guides 
a qualified student to the Stout State College campus. 

Therefore, this year again the Alumni Association, admissions and placement 
office, and student personnel service staff are joining forces to attract appropriate 
students into Stout's fields of specialty, where acute shortages exist, and at the same 
time to be of maximum assistance to such students by preparing them in an area of great 
personal and professional opportunity. 

As an alumnus, you are in an excellent position to be aware of college-caliber 
students and to call them to our attention by means of the form attached below. Such 
young people recommended by you will then be sent informative material describing ed- 
ucational opportunities at Stout, plus the necessary application blank. Students in 
actual need of scholarship aid will, upon receipt of scholarship blanks returned by 
them, be considered by the faculty scholarship committee. 

So please think over the college-caliber young men and women with whom you 
come in contact and to whom you believe Stout and its fields of specialization would 
appeal. Remember that every Stout graduate does not have to become a teacher, worthy 
as that profession is. Dietetics, institution food management, home economics in business, 
or the new industrial technology curriculum might be the answer for a boy or girl 
interested in that type of endeavor but not desiring to teach. 

Then fill out the attached blank and return it to the campus. Your action 
may start a student toward both college and a worthwhile, satisfying career. 

. Cut here : 


To; Alumni Secretary, Stout State College, Menomonie, Uttsconsin 

I wish to submit the following to be considered as prospective students 
at Stout State College for the year of 1958-1959. (tf ytiii feel that the person (s) 
listed will have a real need for financial aid, please encircle their name.") 

Student's Name ...... Student's Name 

Address Address 

Please write your name and address on the back of this sheet. 

Thank You.